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Al Gore on SNL


Anybody see this?

Thought he was funny, but at the same time it pissed me off to no end that he couldn't have been this...well, human during the election.


I thought he was hilarious and can't believe that both Al and John Kerry are so much more personable (read "likable") when they're not campaigning.


I also thought he was extremely good -- much better than last time on SNL -- and I was extremely happy to see that he got over his long post-election slump.

I think that basically the frustration combined with the stress and the mud-slinging gets the best of them during campaigning. They become depressed and jilted. Part of me feels that they should be better than that, but the fact is that American politics is, today more than ever, a place where only the wicked survive...


I say:


Thank God for President George W. Bush! [/b]

Gore = Bore!


Bob Dole was stiff as a board during his presidential campaign and after he lost he proved himself to be genuine and funny.

I think the pressure gets to them.


Yay Bush!




I also think they tend to listen way too much to their handlers/consultants etc., and pay too much attention to "instant polls". Though maybe that's subsumed in your point.


He was working off a script written by SNL writers (probably including Tina Fey). You can't really judge is real demeanor from that.

All I could hear during the skit was, "Lock Box".


Hey, that was pretty funny stuff.


His delivery was impeccable... He actually has great comedic timing.

I laughed through all of it, but after he said "el Presidente Schwarzenegger" I almost burst out. Just imagine Arnold with a moustache and speaking Spanish...


He didn't have SNL's writers during the election!


That was good, he looks relaxed.


Al is an idiot. I will never forget Al standing on the Whitehouse lawn (while Bill was being impeached for lying about a blowjob at work) saying Clinton was the best president in history.

What and idiot. I'm surprised that All wasn't there helping Bill pull his pants down.........maybe he was!


That was pretty funny. A relaxed and personable Algore could probably be the dems best hope IMHO, possibly with Barrack Obama as a running mate. Hmmmm.

My favorite part was when he says "we've finally figured out the immagration problem, ......and I'm gonna miss california."

Good stuff. Almost as funny as their impersonation of GW with the whole "strategery" thing.


I think their best hope is Hillary.

And Obama seems a bit fake to me. But then again, I don't like his brand of politics either.


I really don't think so based on the fact that half of the country already thinks Algore was the "true" winner in 2000. His crazy environmentalism is a huge liability though.

Hillary just isn't the salesman that her hubby is. Under the pressure of a presidential campaign, I think her true megabitch side would expose itself and sink her. Even slick willie slipped a couple of times campaigning, and he's as cool as the other side of the pillow.

On the contrary, I've always found Obama to come off as real as any politician can, or will. He sticks to his politics and conveys his message well IMHO. I really do see Obama as THE top choice for running mate in '08.

Not that I particularly care for his politics either, I'm just saying that I think he would be a horse to bet on if I were the dems. But of course, the dems have shown to be a party not making the wisest choices these days. I think that if they don't clean up their act, they could be replaced by a viable third party.



I want to watch Gore and Hillary rip each other to shreads in the primaries. Who would Dean get behind when the extreme kooks are weeded out and he's left with these two?


I agree -- I'd much rather see Gore as a candidate than Hillary, which I maintain is un-electable.

With that, I disagree. More and more Americans are starting to "buy" environmentalism, and Gore is able to provide some very convincing arguments. When Gore was here at Stanford back in December doing his environmentalist spiel, he was extremely good and convincing with his presentation -- he managed to actually impress a lot of the Hoover Institute guys, who are as conservative as it gets around these parts.

Everybody -- and I mean EVERYBODY, left and right -- was very impressed with him, and if he is able to pull off the same panache he showed over here in December and over there on SNL, I'm pretty sure he'd be VERY electable.


I think you can add one or two more to the fight, Kerry and or Edwards are both interested....

Yes, quite a fight brewing for the democrats.