Al alternative to P2P Progz

Try BitTorrent.

A wee-bit different from the rest on the learning curve department, but, damn, it transfers like there`s no tomorrow.

I got excellent test speeds while copying BitTorrent links to Shareaza, something around 187 KB/s from 6 sources. Compared to Overnet, it`s a most welcome change.

What sites do you use? All the ones that have been recommended to me blow goats for the most part. maybe 1 or 2 good albums out of hundreds…

Check your PMs. ;0)

I hope it goi through, had problems PMing recently…

Yeah bit-torrent is pretty cool. I use for my source of torrents, so far it has had everything I need.

Try using Limewire, I’ve downloaded over 500 songs with it in preparation for my iPod. I haven’t gotten one corrupted file and the speeds seem to be faster than Kazaa.

I use BitTorrent to get live music off the net.

If you are Dave Matthews Fan you can get high high quaility live recordings of their concerts off and is a great site. I’ve gotten live Tool (good quality recording), Smashing Pumpkins, DMB, and they have a lot of other artists.

Not to dis your taste in music, Tim, but that is a good list of the exact bands I am trying to avoid… It seems like every site I go to is tooled and dmb’d to the gills.