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Aktakom Multimeters

Does anyone have experience with Aktakom products? I’m looking at the AMM-1130, AMM-1139 or the AMM-4189. I would love the handheld oscilloscope application of the 4189 and data logging application of the 4189 and 1139, but I’m having a hard time finding reviews on any of their products, especially the multimeters. So has anyone had experience with Aktakom multimeters or products in general?

for reference, 1130, 1139, 4189 respectively:


Never used an akatom
fluke 902 has always served me well

[quote]MattyG35 wrote:
Never used an akatom
fluke 902 has always served me well[/quote]

Yea I’m sure a fluke would be a good purchase but out of my price range for comparable product, that’s why i’m askin about aktakom. I do a lot of small electronics type work so a clamp meter would be a lil big for me. nice to know you like the clamp though, i like the idea of those.