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AK's Training Log

Started playing around on and off with a borrowed concrete set of weights when I was 14 or so, Im 19 now. Then the guy took it away and did some calisthenic. Last september started doing SS for a few months then started stalling and doin all this silly stuff. I’m 6ft2

Anyway I started Madcow 5x5 now. Joined a new gym too so todays workout:
SQ - 112.5kg x5
BP - 82.5kg x5
Barbel Row 75kg x5
Neck 15kg 3x10
Standing Abs 3x10 Setting 8…

I think it says everything x5kg so maybe its 40kg but Im not sure…kinda weird cable machine.
There was a machine which looked abit like a reverse hyper…I thought maybe its a pussied down version of it turn out its some kind of reverse leg push machine…also there arent many weight plates so if I keep progressing well its going to be tough. Squat rack faces the mirror and gaps between J hooks are about 10cm I just about clear them and clip them when I rack. Oh well…

SQ 4x50,65,80,80kg
Press 4x25,35,45,55x4 didnt get the last rep,had to push press it
Deadlift 4x60,75,90,105kg had trouble with deadlifts and always tried to get good form with light weight now just gonna do it and correct bits as I go. Really tired of deadlifting just over 2 plates all the time
Pullups 3x5,5,3 grip let go back let go and so on
Abs 3x10 setting 10
Neck 3x10 25kg plate
Felt good today but didnt have a great workout,better hit them numbers next week

SQ 55,70,85,100kg x5 115kg x3 115kg x1 I will do another single instead of set of 8.
BP 45,55,65,75kg x5 85kg x3 65kg x8
Rows 37.5,47.5,57.5,67.5kg x5 77.5kg x3 57.5kg x8
Dips 8,8,5 BW
Curls Ez bar 25kg 3x8
Triceps extensions setting 10 3x8

First time doing Bi’s and Tri’s so wasnt sure what weight i should use will progress from this.

SQ 55,70,85,100 x5 115x4 I squat parallel and i think went almost atg ant missed the last rep.
BP 45,55,65,75,85 x5
Rows 37.5,47.5,57.5,67.5,77.5 x5
Abs 3x10 setting 11

Missed a rep again. It’s probably because I’m trying to lose fat. I don’t know.I feel good.
Maybe I should reset 4 weeks back like its suggested.If anyone reads this maybe they can suggest something?