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AK 47 Complex


Ok first post on here so I'll just get straight to it. I read the article on complexes the other day and thought it was great, we've been using the Randy Couture one's for a while and they certainly get the job done for MMA conditioning etc. We had a play around with some and here is what we came up with let me know what you think.

It 47 reps (hence the wank name but we had to call it something!) with an olympic bar, im a heavy weight and a plate each side ruined me so you wont need much more unless your a total freak in which case good luck to you!

5 * Deadlifts
5 * Bentover rows
5 * Upright rows
5 * Hang cleans
7 * Hang snatches
5 * Hang cleans
5 * Upright rows
5 * Bentover rows
5 * Deadlifts

It really knocks the fuck out of your shoulders, traps and forearms! Let me know what you think guys, cheers.


sounds intense, I’ll give it a go and post the aftermath.


I like it. And your right the article definitely gives you ideas. Mainly for me, use Dumbbells or kettlebells more often in the complexes.

Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. I’ll give the AK a try myself. But I can already tell my traps are going to hate me.


Sounds good
check here for more, this is the original.




tried it and I almost lost it at the end @105lbs. I really liked it though. Worked my entire posterior core chain and my forearms felt like they were on fire. Gonna incorporate this into my normal workout.


Ha ha im glad you “enjoyed it” buddy! The forearms were the worst part for me aswell, unbelievable burn. We’ve started throwing it in periodically just as a tester to see where we’re at and as a quick way to generate a lot of lactic acid! :slight_smile: