Does anyone know if I can bring Methoxy-7 and some Advance protein with me to Cypros (Aiya Napa)?..And/or can I buy protein powder over there?What about steroids,ephedra and caffeine…can it be bought there?Ps:Exuse my english…I`m Danish.

Just be very careful what you take to Cyprus the drug laws are very strict.

I bougth Testo and Deca 2 years ago. Greetz


Meth-7 and protien will be fine, other drugs and steriods, you may have troubles at customs. I am sure you can get protien, caffine etc there…steriods i am not so sure, but i am sure there will be dealers somewhere

Hey… Are u going to bring it with you… from DK to Cyprus…? -or from the US to Cyprus…?