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AI's For Drol

So after reading over the drol vs dbol thread again, I decided to read over both drug profiles again in my anabolics 2005 book. SO anyway, I was surprised to read (apparently I missed this in the past) that AI’s have no effect on drol because it does not aromatase and somehow directly activates the estrogen receptor causing the estrogen related sides.
Most people advise that SERM’s should be used as PCT and AI’s be used on cycle, but according to the book, a SERM would have to be used to combat sides.

With all the recent oral cycle talk, I thought it would be a good idea to clear this up.


The only time that I got gyno was while taking drol. I was on test/deca and drol with 75mg ed of proviron (at this point I was mislead about the chemical structure and etrogen effects of drol).

When the nips started to get sensitive I started 20mg ed of nolv and the problem cleared up in a couple weeks. I was always under the impression that serms are not to be used during a cycle, and that AIs should take care of any problems.

However I don’t think even A-dex or Letro would do anything to prevent gyno from drol. In my case a serm was the only way to control it.

The dilema is an AI is absolutely superior to prevention of estrogen related gyno than a SERM which is only used once the estrogen related gyno has begun. Problem is unless you know you’re a candidate for gyno and know this and then begin your A-dex or even letro right from the get go then you run the risk of getting problem sides.

If you take too low a dose of your AI or too much Test that converts then you could get the gyno and then you’ve got to run the Nolva; its too late by then.

Some people will get gyno from 500mg’s a week of Test even if they run .25mg ED of A-dex, others can run 2G’s a week without an AI and nothing. Those of course are the extremes.

Personally, 500mg’s a week is nothing for me to worry about nor do I advise. 1G a week is normally where I advise the inclusion of something like .25mg of A-dex or 12.5-25mg of Aromasin.

I don’t recommend Letro if you’ve never had experience with gyno. Sad to say but you sort of have to wait and see with letro because honestly having virtually zero estrogen in your body has some rather negative sides of its own