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AIs and SERMS Locally a Diasapointment


doing a gram of test and flaring up, this liquid shit I have froma couple different domestics are doing a poor job. And these are "reputable" sources amongst users.Am I imagining things? or has the quality gone done beyond unacceptable?

The overseas shi goes through custys and no guaranted delivery. Ive had shit stuck at the border for a month. Kinda sucks when your sides are showing up at a high dose so Im burning up nolva which was planned for PCT. It's dogshit! This isn't a place to ask for sources, and I'm not! so mods please dont ban the post. If anyone has any tips PM me please...I was prepared but this liquid shit is really not doing the job. Cutting a gram a week cycle halfway willl be even worse. Whats a fella to do????


Personally Id switch to letro.

Even underdosed letro still does the trick for many, stuff is quite potent.

Other than that, you have to have a better source if its really that bad.


A gram a week is a shitload. May be hard to control sides at that dosage if you are gyno prone. Letro may be your only option as Adex (I assume that is what you are referring to) won't control aromatization past a certain point. Be careful, as Letro can cut estrogen to near zero levels, which will cause loss of libido and joint pain. Nolva won't do much for other sides, however. It would help if you were more specific.


yeah I know, this is the first "big one", adex tabs do a marvelous job, and today it made it! :slight_smile:
I will still definitely consider Letro; but actual "real" adex tabs have gotten me to the point where my joints were hurting even on a gram of test. I'm not prone to gyno, just mood swings. I started ED injects andl with the new adex tabs I should be alright. I freaked when the liquid did jack shit.

so far 3 weeks in, 15lbs up, strenght through the roof, people stare. this makes me happy haha

one more question, how is Letrozole in liquid form? can anyone speak from experience, the adex disapointed me. Don't wanna blow another70 bucks on sugar water.


one more question, when you say adex won't control aromatization past a certain point, what are we talking about>? at what point does it theoretically quit working? In other words is there a curve where the excess test. goes to waste with the use of adex because it aromatizes. I don't have Letro, yet. So just wondering.

thanks in advance


Ill send you a PM.


Adex will supposedly only cut aromatase activity by about 80% at max dosage, meaning that it is self-limiting in its ability to control E2 (it won't drive it to zero). I don't think the test will "go to waste" you may just not be able to reduce E2 to the point where it is optimal.


it's effective up to 80% what dosage os test. get what Im saying? maybe at 250-500mg test it infact does its 80%, but in my case I'm really starting to wonder at what point that diminishes. I really don't want this much gear aromatizing. Will letro prevent aromatization or merely just kick the E down hardcore.


Letro will kill up to 98% of your E2 by preventing aromatization. This can drive your E2 levels down to the point where they are too low, so you need to be very careful on the dosage and it is not predictable - trial and error is the only way. Aromatization in itself will not affect your total testosterone levels to any great extent. You just want to keep estrogen under control to prevent unpleasant sides.


Yeah, that's a good point, estrogen is like 100x more potent than testosterone per mg. So, like only a few mgs of testosterone are converted into estrogen per week. Preventing aromatization might increase testosterone levels a few mgs per week. There practically won't be any increase in testosterone.

I don't know with certainty, but I read estrogen can block the effects of testosterone, so lowering estrogen might help potentate the effect of testosterone. However, I read from another source that estrogen can increase IGF-1 levels, help increase muscle glycogen, and have a mild anabolic effect on muscle. Estrogen is used to increase body mass in wasting conditions like HIV/AIDS, the way anabolic steroids are used.

Since there are so many bad sources, if someone could clarify the role estrogen, or link to a good article on what estrogen does, that'd be helpful.


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