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AI's and Blood Lipids

Some studies have shows AIs like aromasin, letro etc… to have some negative effects of cholesterol.

If one is using an AI like aromasin 12.5 EOD to reduced E2, how long until it should be cut out to avoid messing up the blood lipids?


Could you post some of these studies?

The reality is that when you’re on AAS and relevant ancillaries, you’re going to mess up your blood lipids (either slightly or more drastically depending on compounds used).

Provided you incorporate good recovery post cycle, then everything bounces back to normal.

It’s just the nature/risk of using AAS.

I was actually under the impression that aromasin helped to improve lipid levels slightly, or at least didn’t damage them as much as adex. I could be completely wrong though.

Disclaimer: I take aromasin and my lipids are terrible lol They were before I started TRT too though so not much change in the status quo.