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Airsoft Recommendations

friends want to get into it this summer, and it sounds fun. Any recomendations? I’m kinda wanting something like either the asault rifle(full auto, cute looking gun) , or battle rifle from halo(2x scope, 3 round burst, very cute looking gun). And a sniper. I’m willing to drop ~200$ med range rifle.

I’m assuming you’re going with the real MIL-SIM style game? Up by me, we got Toland Field and that shit is hardcore realistic. The cheapest gun is in the $300 range, and that’s a dead-nuts looking AK-47. Account for all the realistic mil gear you will need, Altimas, BDU’s, armamment vests, etc…

You want to start as a sniper too? You got some good friends, cause those spots are usually reserved for the veterans of the game.

Anyway, heres a link…


Whats the detail on the the gun stats for your game? Our standard is 350fps. Snipers of course are special.

I had a sick gun back in the day. It was a replica 357 magnum revolving. It was spring powered, but it shot hard as fuck. Plus, it came with little cartridges sahped like rounds that you had to load individually with pellets, and then put into the chamber. It was really fun. It only cost me around $30 on ebay. What are you going to be doing with the guns? If you’re just gonna be fucking around, you may as well get a few cheaper ones. We did that, and we would just have battles in my buddy’s basement. I may actually swing by ebay later this evening.