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Airports and Muscle


I have run a successful business over the past 17 years so I am the type that is always thinking.

Having traveled quite a bit over the last couple of years and spending too much wasted time at some of the larger airports in the US and Canada, I found myself thinking why aren't any Gyms at these facilities. This would take totally useless wasted time and turn it into an hour or two of muscle time.

This would be a great business taking $20 or so dollars from each of you on a drop in basis or sell some sort of multi city membership.
Hasn't anyone ever thought of this or heard this before?


If your flight gets delayed for a hour or 2, then go lift some weights.
Good ideal. Let me know when you open your first 1 and where its located, before long you might have a McDonalds type chain of them.

Good Luck,



Some airports around the world provide workout facilities. It is a good idea but whether it would really take off (excuse the pun) with the majority of stressed out travellers is a different story. I also wonder how high the cost of leasing a significant amount of space at an airport would be.

Just a thought...
When you think you have a really good idea for a business you should probably do your own research and avoid posting the idea for anyone to steal : )


I have to say that I can't really see many people using this. I think that most people would want the gym to consist largely of treadmills. I would also think that having enough room for many treadmills and some freeweights would be rather expensive.

You also have to consider that you'd want to put showers in there and also have towels. In other words, I can't imagine that it would be profitable.

That being said, I personally think it would be awesome to have a gym in an airport.


Hmmm. I dunno. I've just got off the plane, lugged my oversized carry-on bag down the steps, across the tarmac, into the airport, up one concourse and down the other.

If I can work up a sweat in this fashion for free, why should I pay for a rushed workout in a cramped micro-gym? What I'd really like instead is a massage, a sauna, a shower, my clothes freshly laundered and dry cleaned and my shoes polished for me in that same hour.

I guess I'm just weird like that. :wink:


OTOH, I missed my flight returning from DisneyWorld a few weeks back (damn Orlando security lines!), and had to sit there for awhile AND in Baltimore as well, trying to get home via standby hops. I was actually wishing I had a gym handy to work off the frustration.

Even if it were a small lounge with some treadmills and a few machines and a DB rack, I'm sure there are people who would avail themselves of it.


I don't think people would use it either. It isn't convenient and theft would also be a large issue considering the extra luggage people usually carry around. I have been laid over in Miami before and their airport has a hotel that has a gym. They let us use it. It wasn't hard to get access to but very few people seemed to actually take advantage of it.

The way around the lack of interest, however, would of course be better advertising. But then you have to consider the types of people that travel so often that they would even think to train while at an airport. That would include largely business types which just means more treadmills, not an actual weight room.

I just don't see the interest.


I think that most people already consider flying a considerable workout. :slightly_smiling:

Most people tend to be tired before AND after flights. Carrying luggage, getting up early, 6 hour flights, etc. That's already quite the workout for 66% of the population.

You do have to consider that you'd need large showering facilities, lockers, and the fact that people would have to plan in advance to bring deodorant, shampoo, makeup, etc. is kind of a problem as well.


I don't think that it would interest me. As mentioned, needing a place to change and shower would be an obstacle. Flying can be such a pain in the azz so I'm usually content just sitting around with my cowboy cup size of coffee and leering at hot chicks.


My girlfriend and I had a conversation about this on our trip to Florida this past summer. Our flight got cancelled so we had an 8 hour layover in Cincinnati, of all freakin places. It would have been nice to get a good lift in. Instead we just got drunk at Friday's. I don't think it would be a profitable enterprise.


Singapore's airport has a gym next to the by-the-hour hotel in the international terminal (I guess that doesn't narrow it down much). It consists of a few cardio machines and a few weight machines from what I remember and is rather expensive. If you're there with a long layover though, even a crappy workout followed by a shower would be paradise. I think there are a few other airports with gyms, all at major international transfer hubs.