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Airplanes & Supplements


I will be traveling to Hawaii in early September and i was wondering if anyone has had any trouble bringing supplements on the airplane. Most of the sups are Biotest and everything is legal. Just wanted to be sure before they threw things out because they are not allowed.



I've brought a suitcase completely filled with Surge recovery and Metabolic Drive before...no problems.

I've also brought a suitcase completely filled with vitamins to China, and although they asked what it was, they didn't bother to check when I told them it was vitamins.

If you're in doubt, just check it.


For carry-on, I've been fine with all of Biotest supplements, with the exception of Spike shooters or shotgun (no liquids over 3.4oz.) A while back, I had a five hour flight and brought a Spike shooter with me so I could get a bunch of work done on the airplane. They told me to either chug it or leave it behind. Oh, and if you poor your leucine into a ziplock bag, expect a couple of questions...


Actually I would not check the bag. You are most likely to have something confiscated in a checked back rather than having it in your carryon where you can explain to the person what it is. The only time that I have had items taken was when they were checked.

As long as the supplements are in marked containers or bags you will not have any problems - I have traveled dozens of times with numerous supplements, sometimes an entire gym bag full of them. I have also had protein powder and creatine in unmarked ziplock bags and was not questioned, even when I was searched at one airport where they took my peanut butter (which is apparently a "liquid").

Just be aware of the liquid regulations that were mentioned above.


I've never had a problem with protein powder. They did, however, throw away my 7 cans of tuna last time. Yerrrr.....


As long as it's not strapped to your chest you should be ok.


Just try not to bring ziplock bags of white powder...you'll be fine.


I bring them in the original containers...no questions ask...even if they pull me over all the time for a checkup...hihihi


True story....I had a few Finibars in my Laptop bag as I went through security - it was pulled aside because TSA suspected that I had 'water or a liquid' in my bag...

I travel every week - and put my Protein Powders in separate containers in my checked bag - I've never had an issue....


wow, shoulda checked this post sooner. thanks for all the feedback! seems like i should be fine, tho if they give me any issues i feel like i'm going to end up getting myself detained...