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Airness Westside for Skinny Bastards

5’10" 205lbs

Here are my maxes

Squat 270lbs x 3 (from 09/18/09)
Deadlift 340lbs (a month ago when I tried)
Military Press 105lbs x 8
Bench Press 205lbs (from a month back)

Friday 10/23/09


ME Lower (Squat & Deadlift)

A. Squat

240x6 (Couldn’t find my 2.5 plates at home until I looked around lol)

Note: Didn’t train at the gym today, no spotter and no safety pins. I’m pretty sure if I was at the gym, I could have gotten

B. Deadlift

210 x 5
240 x 3
265 x 6 (Didn’t feel like doing more. Was very tired from all the squats)

Didn’t do any assistance work today because I was so tired. Deload week next week

Maxes for this cycle

210 x 13
225 x 13
235 x 10


225 x 10 (this is not accurate-- messed up)
250 x 10
265 x 6


150 x 9
160 x 6
170 x 6

Military Press:

90 x 13
100 x 8
105 x 8

I am going to be on a 4 month break starting next week and will be going back to my hometown for 2 months in December. I was thinking maybe I should switch back temporarily to a ME 3-5RM ‘rep scheme’ for the 8 weeks. This is because short term gym membership is very expensive and I don’t want to take 2 deload weeks and feel like I’m not working very hard at all. What do you guys think?