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Airline Travel/Carry-On Bag Q


Hi all,

Traveling by air about a month or so from now, only bringing one carry-on bag and was hoping to put my weight belt and dip belt in the bag. Are these okay to bring onto the plane? I've googled around but haven't found anything on point enough.



Weight belt would be fine, they'll probably make you take it out of the bag to see what it is. That happened to me when I brought my lever belt through security. Not sure about the dipping belt. I'd say probably, in that they'd most likely just want to see it after the xray, since they won't be able to tell what it is.

Just my experience though, I'm not a TSA employee



They'll most likely just ask to take it out (they'll tear your bag apart and take it out.. have it somewhere easily accessible).

The only thing I've ever had a problem with was this fancy ash tray I bought my sister once - apparently it had some metal in it that may or may not be used in the creation of makeshift bombs (damn you Chinese manufacturers!). They took me and my stuff to this special area and rubbed this weird chemical all over it and ran it through some machine... only to give it back and tell me I was good to go. lol


I've never tried a dipping belt. I get stopped for my weight belt about 50% of the time, they just want to know what it is. I've also been stopped for baby powder (looked like a liquid) and my scale.


I wouldn't be surprised if they have an issue with the chain that's attached to it. They may view it as a potential weapon.


This is what happened with me; the screener was like "Uh yeah, we see this huge chunk of metal, and have no idea what it is. Could you remove that please?"

Sucked, because it was the structural support for my bag, so it was a pain in the ass getting it back in there!


Call the airline and ask.


That would be great, except home land security scans your bags and pats you down, not delta airlines.


Except the airline can and will tell you what is or is not permissable.


And FTR, Delta sucks balls.


I have flown all over this fucking planet. I have had no issue with Powerlifting gear. "belt,suits,wraps,straps etc). Now chains I'm not to sure about". And if your going to compete I would never trust the bagage guys with my gear. Just some FYI.



That still has zero to do with what TSA is or isn't going to do, or is or isn't going to allow on a plane.

Some list on some call centers desk can say one thing, and the personal judgement of a TSA employ is another.

I just this weekend, saw one airport require children to remove shoes, and another line did not...


Agreed. Southwest is surprisingly pretty good.


Maybe he should just stay home as he will never know anything for sure or check an extra, inconvenient bag :wink:

But an airline would no doubt be more reliable than strangers online, even if some of us are well traveled.

And yes, SW is great for short flights.


Where are you going for such a short time that you NEED a dip belt?