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Does anyone here own any airgun?
I recently buy a Walther CP-99 (CO2, pellet) pistol. DAMN cool! I’m thinking about buying a rifle. Maybe a Crosman or a Beeman. Not sure yet.
Does anyone have any opinion about which airguns are the best? Pistols, Rifles! Anything!

you’ll shoot your eye out!

You bastard. I was going to say that. I love that movie. fudge.

RWS makes a high quality air rifle. They’re probably as powerful as a 22 short, so be careful.

real guns.

I once had this spring-operated bb pistol. It looked like a .45 automatic. It held a bunch of bbs. No precision. No accuracy. it just spewed bbs in the general direction of the target. It was pretty crappy.

I have an RWS Dianna .17 cal air rifle. I think it’s the model 54. It has a side pump lever instead of using the barrel as a lever. It’s damn accurate to 60 feet with field point pellets. A bit farther with super domes. It’s lethal on rabbit and small dog sized animals.

I own a couple airsoft guns. I have a M4A1 and a glock 17 that both shoot 6mm bbs. I used to play airsoft a lot with my friends. Its like paintball but we shoot the 6mm bbs at each other. The airsoft guns are modeled after real guns and look very real.