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Airdyne Question

What kind of Airdyne would you recommend ? Manufacturer?

As far as I know, the word “AirDyne” is trademarked by Schwinn - I wasn’t aware of any other bikes that were similar. I only recommend the AD5; that is the one I used in HS/College and today. I can’t say if other models are better/worse but a morning ride on the AD5, followed by stretch/lift/prowler cannot be beat.

I bought an AD2 purely because of the cost. It is the home version and looks it, but I have been riding it regularly for about 18 months and it has held up great and feels right when using it. My starting weight was 275 - it hasn’t been “light” use. One caveat - the seat is far less comfortable than the other AD models, the gel cover is a necessity.

I have the AD2 as well, and I’ll echo the seat comments. The seat on the AD2 telescopes up and down, the more expensive models, AD6, etc the seat itself is more comfortable, telescopes up and down, and the lean angle of the seat can be changed a bit. The more expensive models are just built a little stronger as well, hence the suggested max rider weight of 250lb for the ad2 vs 300lb for the ad6.

For home use, not several jackasses jumping on and off it doing sprints for the daily WOD, the AD2 is most likely adequate unless you’re really pushing the weight limit. For me, putting a $15 gel cover on the seat made it bearable.

Amazon is selling the AD6 at around half (amazon list) price ATM.

Just to add another echo to what has already been said, the AD2 is more than adequate for home/personal use. If you are at or above the weight limit, I wouldn’t be doing “sprints” on it. That being said, I was 300lbs and used one regularly.

Schwinn sets the standard for resistance/fan bikes and in my opinion the Airdyne can’t be beat. I must be honest, however, and admit that I own an “Airgometer” that I bought off of Craigslist for $50. When outfitting my home gym, an actual Airdyne was not my highest priority.

In the beginning, I got a bunch of stuff on the cheap (Half-Rack with bar and weights for $200) and only trained at home in a pinch since I had regular access to a nice facility. As I have enjoyed training at home more and more, I added a nice bar and just recently purchased a nice rack/bench from EliteFTS. An AD6 is on the list, but still not a HIGH priority. The “Airgometer” is serving its purpose just fine.