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Airdyne for Conditioning


I’ve recently acquired an air bike for all of the reasons you outlined in your recent article. I’m just curious what sort of conditioning workout YOU might recommend at the end of a 45 min lifting session for max fat loss? There are about 1000 different recommendations online.

I’m currently doing:

3 min warm up
15s all out, 45s slow pedalling
20s all out, 40s slow
30s all out, 30s slow
Repeat 4 times
3 min cool down

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I did 7 sets of 1min 40s of slow pedaling and 20s of all-out with higher resistance twice or thrice a week after my lower body workouts. Gets the blood flowing nicely, makes you sweat a metric shitton and doesn’t get boring.

I have an assault bike and the thought of max effort for 60-90sec as the article states makes me want to cry