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Airdyne Bike Workout Suggestions?

Any thoughts on variations of conditioning based on the Airdyne bike? I’m limited to no running/sports for the foreseeable future, and I’m struggling to keep myself interested in these workouts.

My typical workouts so far:

  • 10 miles. Make sure I do it in under 30 min. (this seems effective but boring as hell)
  • 10 miles, but do 5, 3, and 2. Do some bodyweight exercises in between.
  • Do sprints on the minute for 15-20 seconds.

Any other thoughts? I’m willing to combine it with abs, punching the heavy bag, or light bodyweight work. This is a conditioning day, so no real strength training.

Search “assault bike workouts” on google…tons of info and suggestions.
I’m slowly working up to a 5k row, 5k assault bike, and 5 k run for total time. Need to measure out the 5k run part from my house.

5 min emom
12 cal sprint
5min emom
10-20 pushups
5min emom
12 cal sprints
5min emom
10-20 sit ups
No rest other than what’s left of each minute

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The airdyne is great for shorter, really hard intervals. I’d stick to under 1/4 miles or 100-400 meters depending on how your bike measures distance.

Tabata’s: 20 seconds hard, 10 seconds easy by 8 X 2-4 sets with 1-3 minutes rest between sets

There are endless variations of these types of intervals but anything 30 seconds or less with a .5 to 2 rest ratio can work well. Keep your sets in the 2-5 minute range and repeat 2-5 times.

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Pretty tame however I like to keep it nice and easy

30 - 60 minutes with HR between 130-150.

Can really feel the benefits from this. 10 mile time has been steadily decreasing

5 mile test is pretty rough as well

Basic intervals as well man. 20s work/40s rest until you drop

I don’t like to get too fancy with the Airdyne.

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I agree, people overthink the airdyne. hard and short, easy and long, intervals… switch between legs+arm and those individually.

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