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Airdyne and Weighted Carry Placement in Upper/Lower Plan?

I am 62 years old and during the summer months I am usually very active and run a full-body 2x2x2. For the winter I am planning on running the following lower/upper program. My question is concerning the Air dyne and Weighted Carries.

In your experience would I be better to leave them where they are or should I do the Air dyne on upper body days and weighted carries on lower body days?

• Squat 3x5 Pros / 2x8 FSL
• DB RDLs 3x10-12
• Walking Lunges 3 sets
• Air dyne 20 minutes HIIT
• Stretching / Mobility

• Bench Press 3x5 Pros / 2x8 FSL
• Pull Downs 5x10-15
• Triceps Extensions 3x10-12
• Farmers Carry 3 sets
• Stretching / Mobility

• Trap Bar Dead lift, 3x5 Pros / 2x8 FSL
• Goblet Squat 3x10-12
• Kettlebell Swings 3x15
• Air dyne 20 minutes HIIT
• Stretching / Mobility

• Military Press 3x5 Pros/ 2x8 FSL
• Inverted Rows 5x10-15
• Barbell Curls 3x10-12
• Suitcase Carry 3 sets each hand
• Stretching / Mobility

Wednesday - Repeat

My 2c is this is fine. It doesnt matter much.

I agree with @dietdrfapper that it really won’t matter much. That said, you may want to shuffle things around after a while keep things interesting and to add a slight shift to your training program.