Airbrushed Pics

There has been a lot of discussion re the doctored photos of BFL contestants but what about the professional models and pros that appear in ‘the mags’ M+F, MM etc, are their photos doctored? Airbrushing and adjusting of photos is rife when it comes to mainstream mags nowadays, does anyone know or have a comment re the BB photos, Ron Harris in particular may know.

The mags use airbrushing extensively, especially since there are so many computer programs that make it a snap. Usually it’s done to smooth over ugly little details like acne or wrinkles. The acne is obviously a steroid side-effect. As for wrinkles, keep in mind that a lot of these girls in the swimsuit layouts are in the 28-35 year old age range. Especially if they are caucasian and have spent a lot of time in the sun, the faces are already starting to show it by then. I always say, who cares? Would you rather have to see all the flaws and imperfections that normal people, even models, have?

Well I have experimented with airbrushing my own scanned pics. I use the paint shop and you can zoom in and click on a skin color and your paint brush will become that exact color. I did a couple and my friends were like woaaah you use to look like that. Then I showed them the original. So yeah it is pretty easy even for the novice to do it.

Thanks, I thought that was probably the case.