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Airborne88's Christmas Present


Just finished running classes out of our gym so now have sufficient time to train properly once more! So I am kicking it off with a training log.

Over the last year or so I have been maintaining my CV fitness with 1 short run every 7-10 days. I have been lifting once or twice each week, owing to a lack of time. I've been smart, trained hard and focused only on the things I really couldn't do without.

Current 1RMs:
Squat 190kg (PB 230kg)
Dealift 222.5kg (PB 230kg)
Bench Press 127.5kg (PB 140kg)
Strict Press 77.5kg (PB 95kg)

Body Mass: 94kg (was about 95-97kg for PBs)


  1. Increase Body Mass to 97kg by end of January, keeping BF% below 20%.
  2. Deadlift 250kg by end of April
  3. Squat 230kg by end of April
  4. Bench Press 140kg by end of April
  5. Compete in U100kg with 1RM or drop to U90 and accept a drop in total... UNDECIDED.

  6. Compete in Judo competition in early 2015 in U100, then in Spring in U90.


Last nightâ??s training:

Back Squat 4x6 @150kg
Barbell Row 3x12 @55kg
DB Bench Press 12@20kg, 12@25kg, 10@32.5kg
Cross Walk 3 x 30sec with 2x20kg KB
Hip Thrust 12@30kg, 12@40kg, 12@60kg


Tuesday Night:
Push Press 5x3@70kg
Deadlift 4x6 @130kg
Chin Ups 3x8
Curls 3x10@30kg
RKC Plank 3x30sec

Ran 7km in 35min. Howling wind and rain. Some fast sections but mostly LSD.



Power Clean 5x3@80kg
Bench Press 4x6@90kg
Lunges 3x12/12@40kg BB
Farmer’s Walk 50m @100kg x3
Dips 3x12


Monday PM

Back Squat 5x3 @170kg
Yates Row 3x8 @50kg
DB Bench Press 3x6 @40kg DB
1x4 @40kg DB
Drop 1x3 @27.5kg DB

Double KB Swing 2x20kg KB x8
Med Ball Russian Twist x30


27th December

Back Squat 5x75, 5x95, 3x115, 5x125, 5x140, 9x160
Hack Squat 5x10 @40kg TUT
KB Side Bends 3x10 per side @20kg
HLR 2x10
Back Extension 5x10


Weighed in at 96.8kg today


Tonight’s session

OHP 5x35, 5x45, 3x50, 5x55, 5x65,

DB Incline 3x10 @32.5, 2x drop sets
(6@32.5, 4@25)

Chins 12, 8
Pull Down 3x10 @85

Push Downs 5x10 @20


NYE Lifts

90x5, 110x5, 135x3, 145x5, 165x5, 190x6 (last set with straps)

BB Lunges
2x10/10 @30kg

Hamstring Curl
10@45, 10x55, [5@80, 2@75, 1@70, 1@65, 1@60 - DROP SET]

Hanging Leg Raise 3x10

Calf Raise
20x25kg, [10x50kg, 10x25kg - DROP SET]


Today’s session:

Bench Press 45x5, 55x5, 65x3, 75x5, 85x5, 95x9
Press Ups 5x10
Pull Aparts (Red Band) 2x10
TRX Face Pulls 3x10
French Press 5x10 @16kg


Squats Day

A Back Squat 75x5, 95x5, 115x3, 130x3, 150x3, 170x9
B1 Side Bends 10 @20kg (x3)
B2 HLR x10 (x2)
C Smith Machine Hack Squat (Narrow) 3x10 @40kg, 2x10 @60kg
D Swiss Ball Back Extension 5x10

Confident on the squat, pushed out 6, had a word with myself before hitting the last 3. Had a tenth but form started to come apart on the ninth. Predicted 1RM at 219kg, so looking hopeful!


Monday Night

A OHP 5x40, 5x45, 3x50, 3x60, 3x70, 6x75
B DB Incline Press 5x10 @30kg
C Chin Ups 14, 6
D Pull Downs 3x10 @70kg
E Single Arm Push Down 5x10/10 @9kg


Tuesday Night

A. DL 5x75, 5x95, 3x115, 3x155, 3x175, 4x200 (straps last set)
B. Block Deadlift 5x130
C. Press Ups 5x10

3 circuits of:
D1 HLR x10
D2 Renegade Twist 10kg x10
D3 Weighted Sit Up 6kg x 10


A Back Squat 5x75, 5x95, 3x110, 5x140, 3x160, 3x180
B HLR 2x10
C Side Bends 4x10/10 @20kg, 10/10 @24kg
D Smith Machine Hack Squat 10 @20kg, 4x10 @60kg (401)
E Swiss Ball Back Extension 2x10


Last night

OHP 5x35, 5x45, 3x55, 5x65, 3x75, 5x80
DB Bench 4x10 @32kg, last set 8@32, 2@26
Chins 10, 10, 5, 5
Pull Downs 3x10 @65
Triceps Push Downs 5x10/10 @11.5


Last night’s session:

DL 5x95, 5x115, 3x135, 5x165, 3x185, 1x210 (no straps, alternate grip)
American DL 3x10 @50
Lunges 3x10/10 @30
HLR 3x10
RKC Plank 3x30sec
Seated Calf Raise 3x10 @30


A Bench Press 5x45, 5x55, 3x65, 3x80, 3x90, 8x100
B1 Press Up x10
B2 French Press x10 @16kg (x5)
C TRX Face Pull 3x10
D Band Pull Aparts 3x10

Sat in traffic for 2hrs on the way home so was late to the gym and as a result, experienced my pet hate; moiderers in the gym!

Gym very busy tonight, so forced to compromise on some exercises slightly, but made best use of what we could.


Friday - Hill Sprints (20min session)

Saturday - Squat Deload
A Back Squat 5x75, 5x95, 3x115, 3x5 @115kg experimented with wider stance and lower bar position- prefer this style!

B1 Cable Wood Chop x10
B2 Cable Palloff Press Hold x20sec (x3/side)

C HLR 3x10
D Hack Squat 5x10


Tonight’s session: OHP Deload

A OHP 5x35, 5x40, 4x5 @50kg
B Dips 2x10 @Bodyweight, 1x10 @10kg, 2x10 @16kg
C T-Bar Row 1x10 @10, 4x10 @25
D Triceps Push Downs 1x10/10 @11.5, 1x10/10 @13.5, 1x10/10 @16.5, 1x6-4 @16.5-13.5, 2/2/2/2/2 @13.5, 11.5, 8.5, 6.5, 4.5
E Seated Calf Raise 20@20kg, 20@30kg, 20@35kg


1RM predicted after this cycle (bench on Thursday)

Squat - 191 (based on 180kg x 3)
Deadlift - 210 (based on 210kg x 1)
OHP - 87 (based on 75kg x 6)
Bench Press - ?