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Airbnb Ruled Illegal in New York


What exactly is this law meant to accomplish? Seems to me it is healthy competition.



Make the hotel lobby happy and drive away tourism?


Ive stayed in people's places and rented mine on airbnb. Its great. This seems like BS to me


Typical bullshit.

Special interest groups are pissed that someone else is cutting a cut and the government is pissed that they can't tax it.
Solution - shut it down.
Excuse - it's unlicensed and dangerous and we are protecting you.

This is going to become more and more of a problem as the internet and social connectivity continues to allow people to connect in new ways never before thought possible.

Power becomes more and more decentralized and smaller and smaller transactions become feasible because of lowered transaction and search costs do to tech.


That's annoying.

I don't see why the city didn't simply make renting without reporting it and paying taxes illegal. They already had in place the electronic platform (Airbnb) available for tacking it.

People are going to do it anyway (albeit less efficiently) just through other sites like craigslist and the gov will make no money off the transactions. Even if only 30% reported the transactions at least the gov would get something.

Seems like it could have been a win win


Spot on. America, land of the free!