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Air Travel w/ TRT Supplies, HGH

I just got finished with another international trip and had zero issues traveling with T, HCG, and HGH. I also had the syringes in my carry on and they didn’t say a word. I placed all of the meds in a pack for insulin and removed it from my carry on to go through the x-ray machine separately.

I’ve seen others ask about traveling with this stuff and this is the third time I’ve traveled internationally with it and it appears to be a non issue. I actually think political correctness plays into our favor here. They are probably told not to pick on people with health issues. HAHA… Even in Seoul, where airport security is crazy strict, they didn’t say boo.

Just to be on the safe side I do travel with a separate note from my family Dr listing all of the meds and that they are for legitimate medical purposes.

You need to carry the boxes with current prescription labels. Those mean more than a doctor’s note which can be forged. Prescription labels are more trusted and TSA states that as well. With hCG, you can carry with a cold gel-pack and you need do declare that.

Travel with your gray market hGH is a problem.

I have not had TSA say a word so far.