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Air Traffic Controllers and Ronald Reagan




How dare you slander Reagan's name on this forum! Death to you!


Ronald Reagan was the worst president in American History


Ronald Reagan was one of the best Presidents in American history


I cannot believe I am asking this....but why does he rank dead last?

Evidence of him being the absolute WORST president in U.S. history please.....

The floor is yours.


So awful, in fact, that he won 49 states in 1984. Much worse than Harding, Buchanan or Nixon.


Why do people respond to this poodle called pitbull? He always throw out bones and then acts passive aggressive. He is nothing but a balding white man who is divorced who is facing foreclosure and wishes all the Mexicans in Arizona would work for his lawn company under the table. Same applies to the aspiring boxing writer.
And like Utah and bolt said, please present the facts my friend. Matter of fact in history our current piece of shit president will come out as the worst ever. Typed here first.


No, I think you wanted to write "Ronald Reagan followed the worst president in American History".


Ronald Reagan opened the door to steel imports. The Steel Mills were prosperous since the mid 19th century in states covering , PA,WV,OH,IN,ILL,MICH and many more .

Ronald Reagan in an effort to squash the Union allowed, third world countries to dump unsold steel on American shores. American steel producers could not compete with the fire sale prices so they went out of business.

When American Steel Producers went out of business, It created vast fields of unemployed uneducated men with no opportunity to support a family. Hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs that drove many small economic engines .

Many small towns ,cities and even a few large cities were decimated by vast numbers of unemployed men and the absence of taxes to cover things from streets to police .

The Federal Government now has all these people that would have been gainfully employed on Welfare Doles .

If you want proof go to Youngstown Ohio , Flint Michigan or any other Steel town see the old Dinosaurs just lying there doing nothing observes all the things that make the Republicans Rail. And the thank Ronald Reagan.

I have written many such accounts of what I witnessed and I have heard that our economy somehow did better becauseof what he did , I have an open mind please show me the big up side because I am pointing at a HUGE DOWNSIDE


Just think where America would be in Ragan would not have gutted Carter's energy policies


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"Ronald Reagan is doing to the country what he can no longer do to his wife."

--Christopher Hitchens, on Reagan's legacy.

In truth he was neither the best nor the worst. He was likeable (unless you were on his bad side), mildly charismatic, not exceptionally intelligent. He certainly doesn't deserve hagiography.

Funnily enough, many intelligent conservative commentators admit that, were he to run for president in the current rabid political climate, he would be seen by many Republicans and conservatives as too far left.


Have you ever been to an old steel town ?


The mills closed in 77 way before Reagan.


Have you?

I live in one.


Ronald Reagan ruined the steel mills by providing competition they could not defeat? What should have happened?


Where is the up side , We allow foreign producers to sell steel no restrictions , we require American Steel Producers ,to comply with EPA,OSHA, we Require them to be properly insured, to pay taxes.

You ask me what should have happened , We should have tariffed the steel until America was playing on a level field .

There is no such thing as Free Trade , Fair Trade is the best you can hope for


I grew up in Youngstown Ohio, which one do you live in , I am 53 , saw the mills in their hay day.


Cheap steel.


Thank God you got the hell out of there man, just in the last 2 years or so we got a mayor who's FINALLY come to the conclusion....hey, the mills ain't coming back, let's shrink our city cause THERE AIN'T NO PEOPLE STAYING HERE!

You been back lately, Federal Street's lookin rebuilt except for 2 buildings thanks to Taft and Trafficant (ironically) and theres a convo. center which continues to bleed money. The west side's turned to shit, Chaney one of 2 high school left in the city, is now a total wreck. The other sides of town are infested with gangs and vacant homes.

but getting back to the point, the worst thing I think Reagan did was pull the troops out of Lebanon after the Marine Barracks attack. That and not let soldiers have live ammunition in their guns. Under those circumstances, either we should not have been there in the first place, or after the attack we should have leveled Lebanon with an all out attack. Because we did nothing, America was percieved as being weak.

And don't get me wrong, I'm still pissed at Carter about the limp ass response to the Iran Hostage crisis.