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Air Purifiers


Does anybody use one in their home? I recently moved in with my girlfriend. I'm allergic to her cat and it's taking a lot out of me. I'm taking allegra and it's helping but my energy levels are way down when I go home. I plan to buy an air purifier and wanted to see if anyone could give me any advice. Should I go with a HEPA filter or one of the new technologies?


cheapest method by far is to just remove the collar on the cat and let it go outside for an extended trip..

Also a gunny sack and rocks works well to keep it down below the waterline..

/me waits for cat lovers to have a cow

Seriously though, is this a home where you have access to a furnace? Assuming you have central air that is.

If so, best method is putting a good filter in the furnace and running the fan nonstop. That will clean the air better than most any filter for less cost.

If you dont have access to that, then I guess you should go with a free standing filter. And I would go for the quadra one that sharper image has. It works just as well as any other, and doesnt cost you an arm and a leg to operate/change. Hepa filters are decent, but the cost of that filter plus the noise they make is absurd.


We've had one since the day we brought our first two parrots into our home.

Has been a good thing, since I have asthma. Highly recommend one, but they can be rather loud and they do keep a room cool (seriously weird phenomena that I've noticed with ours).


Oh and ours is a HEPA. I'd prefer one of those. I know of a allergy/asthma website that has a list of preferred air purifiers. I'll see if I can find the link.


Forget the filter, shave the cat.


Hey Natt, why don't you just move out for awhile and I'll go up there and take care of that kitty...

(Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Anyhow, I use an air purifier religiously and have tried a number of them. Like everything, you get what you pay for. If you don't have any upper respiratory conditions(asthma, etc.), then you could probably try one of those Ionic Breeze purifiers that Sharper Image sells since the ozone it gives off wouldn't bother you. HEPA filters are noisy and not my personal choice. The one I use now was really pricey, but worth it...it's an Oreck XL Professional, best thing I ever did for my sinuses and lungs!

Another thought you may want to consider too...try a different antihistamine. Allegra always tended to dry my out and leave me feeling groggy. I always had great success with Zyrtec and it didn't seem to have the side effects Allegra did. Or, you could even try Claritin since it's OTC now. You may want to try this before investing in an expensive filter. Good luck...