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Air Force Reserve


i am a senior in high school right now who is planning on going to college after i graduate high school. my goals are: get a bachelors degree, join the air force after college for 4-6 years, after that i want to become a federal agent.

accomplishing my first goal is kind of difficult because i need to find ways to pay for college. one way i have though of is joining the air force reserves after i graduate. i was thinking of being a reservists because: it could help me pay for college and 2 i have always wanted to join the military. going to college and being in the military at the same time is pretty cool in my book.

my question is. could the air force reserve help pay for most of my college fees such as tuition and dorms.




The military does not back pay for your college you have to join first then go to collage during your enlistment or after but not before you join.



Yes. Read the fine print on what they reimburse.

You can enlist, go to college AND take ROTC. You’ll end up having to serve longer, but as an officer.

Good luck.