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Air Force One Gets Tagged!



click on the 1st picture.

snopes.com calls it a hoax


I find it hard to believe that the plane was actually air force one. The security can't be that easy to bypass.


I don't know. I've seen some areas where the security should be pretty tight, and there are times that it isn't.

I'm talking about places where one would need a TS/SCI clearance to enter, or people accidentally throwing away the wrong stuff.

I could see the plane being parked and there being a lazy watch standing duty some night where somone sneaks in to do that, but that would be pretty risky.

I don't really believe that picture, I'm just saying I wouldn't count out the possibility.


DUDE that is soooo EXREME!!!! ARRRGGHHHH!!!



Read the fine print children.

Legal Disclaimer from the site:


they're totally covering their bases so they don't go to jail... it was so real!