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Air Force Bodybuilding-Friendly Jobs Pt.3


I want to start my active duty enlistment asap. Theres a good possibility that in November, that I could take a services spot instead of my original knowledge operations job (leave in January). This got me thinking with services, Id assume its a lot more face-to-face people orientated, rather than maybe just sitting in front of a computer all day. It seems from my experience and from reading in an article from Dr Jonny Bowden, TYPICALLY jobs that require you to interact with people significantly result in more positivity/happiness in your life. From what I was told from a recruiter you get cycled every 3 or 4 months to work at a hotel, gym and kitchen (or volunteer to be assigned with mortuary affairs). I figure working at my second home (the gym) would be great, working at a kitchen I get some extra food, Im not too sure about the perks working at a hotel.

Once Im in and nearing the option to get re-trained (I think thats the term for job switching), Id want to switch to a job like contracting or firefighting anyway. Im trying to make the best out of whats available to me for my initial job assignment into the Air Force.


Dude, real talk...they will put you wherever they need you judging by what you are writing.

The guys who get to pick and choose...they have degrees.


Good luck


As an ex-staff sergeant who was in 6+ years including time spent in Afghanistan, I can tell you that there are many "truths" to enlisting, and a little bit of every rumor you hear is true. The most important things to remember are: until you swear your oath and sign on the dotted line, they cannot force you to do anything. Don't let a recruiter or anyone at MEPS tell you "you have to take this job". Recruiters play up jobs like security forces and services because they are easy to test into. I would shoot for scoring well on the ASVAB, and also ask to take the DLAB so you have the option of maybe going to language school. If your ASVAB scores aren't high enough, look at the jobs you qualify for and ask yourself this: what skills will I learn in this job that I can use on the outside? Will this job afford me time to utilize my tuition assistance? If I could do one thing over, it would be getting my degree before I got out. Luckily, I worked in intel, and based on my skillset I was able to get a job that pays well without the degree - but that's only because my job afforded me opportunities to learn valuable skills and also to get a clearance. However, if I had a degree, more options would be open, because that is pretty much just a checkbox now. Your degree could be in underwater basket weaving, but as long as you have work experience and skills, employers don't care.

As far as bodybuilding friendly jobs, ALL jobs are bodybuilding friendly in the military. You get free gym access (and military gyms range from hardcore, to crossfit, to really nice and clean commercial-style facilities) and an allowance for food. There ain't much more you could ask for than that.

Every job in the military is necessary and dignified, as is all human labor, and as such deserves respect. But in the outside world, profits and marketing rule, so I'll leave you with this: during my transition class while I was separating, I sat next to a Navy Petty Officer who had spent his time in as a cook on a submarine. A hard job that not many people would be willing to do, and I respect the hell out of the guy for it. But when we were doing an exercise where we were supposed to brain storm resume ideas regarding what skills we learned in the military that could apply to civilian employment, his sheet of paper was almost blank.


Also, you technically have the right to retrain as a first term Airman regardless of your AFSC, so about a year and a half before your first enlistment is up make sure you talk to a career advisor about changing jobs if you get one you don't like. Don't let anyone tell you you're in a critically manned career field so you can't switch - they're full of shit. Being able to change jobs as a first termer is written into the regulations as an incentive to keep people in.


I'm a KOM and was banging out a Services girl.

I work 730-430 5 days a week all holidays off and weekends.

She works random fucking hours and works most holidays and has tuesday and wednesdays off! (wtf)

Yea, fuck services...I get plenty of food and plenty of gym time as a Knowledge Operator.

fyi not saying all of services is like this but believe me when i say besides security forces, services is the worst possible choice to make when joining. Sorry if i'm too late to help you.




DonDooley & BobbyGz, Thanks for taking time out to give me advice, I really appreciate it! I almost forgot about this thread.

I scored 70 on the ASVAB. I signed my contract for Knowledge ops, 4 yrs active duty , a couple weeks ago. I leave January14th.

For a while, I was trying to quick-ship for almost any job I could to leave asap. With no current job, I felt pretty stressful about having to wait 4 months. But instead, Im looking at this 4 months as the last 4 months of my life(idea from Les Brown,life coach), in order to motivate me to push myself like never before to do extraordinary things. I want to try and get back into Boxing or have my first MMA match. Im volunteering at a UFC gym and get to use their amenities for free! This seems like preparation and a blessing now, because I wanted to tryout and be employed on the Boxing team for the Air Forces World Class Athlete Program.

Im thinking I should go for 20 years in the military at least for financial security reasons. In the slight chance that Im not pleased with active duty, I'll just keep reenlisting with reserves.


Congrats on KOM, i'm not totally sure what you plan on really doing with your life....but expect a lot of down time....I've been in college full time for the past 2 years and have never cracked a book at home. I have more than enough time to do school at work and in most cases its encouraged.

You really don't know how well you got it until you see others doing shit work getting the exact same pay, while you watch youtube all day. I'm not trying to be a cocky but this job is a waste of tax payers money and you hit the jackpot if you plan on progressing in school and training unabated.

Good luck bud, you will not need it.


It always depends on your AFSC, your base, your job, your section, your flight, your leadership, and etc as to what the hell you're actual job can entail. I'm a 3D1X2/Cyber Transport aka a communications guy and so far over the nine years I've been enlisted I've done 6/7 jobs over 4 bases. What I'm trying to say is be prepared to be malleable and prepare for idiocy you cannot do anything or very little about.


I heard someone else in Knowledge Ops saying he was pretty much a mailman. Are there different divisions, like maybe he is in records management and you were fortunate to land in administrative? Did you have a choice which division to go into?

"I'm a KOMerr and well lets just say this career field is ehhhhh really boring. It is going thru a lot of changes right now with duties and moving people around and well its not for me. I have been in for 4 yrs now and all I have done is mail, essentially I am a mail man for the entire joint base here in NJ, but everything is what you make of it so give it a chance who knows you might love it.

Btw they finally moved me into the records section and I have no idea wtf im doing LOL"


A dated a girl who was in Knowledge Ops in Intel. She had a job in a large office working next to a Colonel.
They will put you where they need you, but its typically office type, professional work. Interaction with people will likely still be high and you will have more responsibilities than the services stuff they may have you doing.

She got moved to mailroom for an assignment, but after awhile she'll get moved somewhere else.


Sorry for reviving this thread, but I am about to leave in a few weeks for bmt with this afsc and was wondering what bases you have had and whether you liked them or not.