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Air Bubble


So, while injecting 50 mg of Winstrol into my left thigh, I'm pretty sure I injected a small air bubble into my leg. There is a small discoloration at the injection site, roughly the size of a nickel. There's no pain, and it doesn't interfer with the use of my leg. What do you guys think I should do? Should I even be worried about anything?


Your heart is probably gonna explode. 3....2....1.....


Don't do 'roids, but could he aspirate the bubble guys? Just an idea. As long as it is intermuscular the most it's going to do is look funny and hurt a bit... possibly get an infection but I doubt it.


it takes a full cc of air to cause a problem with your heart. did you aspirate when you injected? if so, you should have nothing to worry about. as long as you were not in a vein, you will be fine. winny always bruises me like that, so I doubt it was the air bubble.


Don't worry about it, discoloration at the injection site is pretty standard. A little bubble probably isn't going to hurt you, you'd have to inject into a vein and be rather unlucky.

That said, if you feel lethargic or have difficulty breathing you may be experiencing an pulmonary embolism and should get your butt to the ER pronto.


Never juiced or performed an IM injection on myself, but I was a medic in the military. I have done countless IV and IM injections on people. An air bubble in an IM injection might cause discomfort and bruising slightly above and beyond what you normally get. An air bubble in an IV would have to be several cc's before it caused any problems. Air in the veins is rapidly absorbed into the blood cells. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


Thanks to all for the replies...I guess I'll just watch it carefully over the next few days and hope it goes away. Most of us probably understand how nervous one can get with incjections. I've probably given myself at least 100 IM incejctions, and this is the first problem I have ever had, so needless to say, I was a little worried...


i can safely say i have injected more then 1 or 2 air bubbles. never had a problem. just aspirate.


Injecting an air bubble into the muscle will only dissapate. I suppose its possible that if enough air was injected it could cause a sterile or unsterile depending upon your methods absess. When using the syringes that are separate from needles its pretty easy to miss a small bubble even when pushing some oil out of the needle prior to injection. If you inject oil/air into a vein I don't know which would be worse, they both'll kill ya.


Just thought I should keep you guys up to date...It's basically just a black and blue mark at this point...There is no pain and no impingment on leg function. There is a little bit of scar tissue, but no problem's really...