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Air Brushing


Nothing is real anymore. I never believe the photos I see online or in mags. Too easy to make the slightly imperfect, pefect. Here is an interesting example:



Ah! Too bad she can't walk around airbrushed. Good point, though. And I never really thought aboutthe face being airbrushed in the pictures we see. I always thought of it more in relation to the body. I doubt most online photos are airbrushed. Unless they are professional. I would have not idea how to go about it.


That is amazing. I agree that I always linked air brushing to the body and not the face. Gojira, where are you at in Ohio? I'm in Akron/Fairlawn.


That blonde chick is downright freaky. Her entire face is changed from the width of her knose to the height of her forehead.


Damn, I need this guy for my driver's license picture.


Yeah-he basically took twenty years off. All those signs of age-wrinkles, nose growth, etc... Crazy. And the dark girl had some seriously messed up skin on her face and body that he all but glossed over.


That's freaking wild! I can't believe what a big difference that made. I thought airbrushing was only "slight" changes. They made a mountain out of a molehill on that first chick!



That's for sure. He does say that's a very extreme case. I'm sure that most airbrushing is much more subtle. The people that are most likely to be airbrushed, famous people, tend to be goodlooking already. Their 'imperfections' would be much slighter.


Gojira, your back looks amazing and I am pretty sure that's not an airbrush job!


I'd still hit it! Hell you knew somebody was gonna post it. ;]


Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing, gojira!

I like the non-brushed full pic of the woman in the blue bikini better. She had more curves, which works for me.


Nope, that's me in all my low-tech glory.


Makes you start looking at all the magazine ads with a jaundiced eye. I tend to be skeptical by nature and this just forifies it.

Gottatrain, I'm in the Cleveland area.


That's definitely true. Take Stuff and Maxim. Some of the girls they feature look like that or damn close to that. But some of them are clearly airbrushed ridiculously. It's obvious because they're in the public eye with their bodies on display, and they usually don't look close to that good.