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AIPAC's War with Iran



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Nothing should be done about their alleged nuclear ambitions.

If the US government tells me that the Grinch wants to steal Christmas, I will automatically assume that they are lying.

Which is a step up from any other government, where the default position is that they are clueless and full of shit.


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Well in a way you could say that, if you believe that an accomplished bullshitter is better than a mere buffoon.

No, I believe they want to be just one step before developing one and remain there.

They are not stupid, 1 or two warheads are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, this is just enough to get you killed.

Being one step away from a nuke though, that could get built when you are toppled will keep you very much alive.

Sneaky bastards, not quite Chinese, but still.


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It is the IAEA that has published the report on the Iranian nuclear program not the US government. If you can't be bothered to know the first thing about what you are discussing you should STFU instead of talking trash like a dumb ass.


Clearly a totally independent institution.

No government involvement whatsoever.

Also they are inching closer to a nuclear weapon, they just dont want anyone to anyone to know how close.

To far away and they are irrelevant, too close and they are dangerous.

Almost, but not quite there makes them indispensable.

How does it feel to be a useful idiot, spreading panic and all?


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That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


Oh come on! That Iran wants the world to think it almost has nuclear weapons because that will make them safe? And that if they were to produce a few warheads they would no longer be safe?


There are two types of people in Iran who want nuclear weapons; crazy people; and people who know that when Iran has nuclear missile sites hidden throughout the country they will be in a position like Pakistan - you know, where we have to give them everything they want and we can't touch them because of the hidden nuclear missile sites.


Ah, you mean a country with a secret nuclear weapons program.... Like Israel?


They want nukes the same way you would want a gun if you lived in an area where bullies had them. NOT to suggest that our angelic government, full of the highest possible moral and ethical virtues has ever bullied anyone.

It's amazing really.... How much we hear about the fucking Middle East in America....


"Useful idiot," eh? Why try to reason with the Ahmadinapologist? He has proven amply a certain convenient blindness in this subject--and he never did acknowledge his deafness as well. The only useful idiot is see in this thread is blind and deaf, too; of course, excluding the useless idiot who serves as the OP.

Here is a refutation of another prominent Iranopologist:



Ahmanidenjad is a puppet.

Somehow Americans see president and read almighty goomba.

Cannot imagine how they get this idea :-)...

He plays his part and he plays it well.


You cant hit them now, because of their hidden nuclear sites.

You can rally their population behind them though.


Completely convinced?

No, but you cannot hit their sites anyway and you cannot attack from from the Persian sea (sic!) either.

Not only would every ship be gone that you send there, them having stockpiled anti ship missiles by the truckload, they could also blow up everything that is in that sea, which includes quite a few oil terminals.

So, not only could they seriously hurt the US, by sinking a few ships maybe even an aircraft carrier, they could also seriously hurt the world economy which is something they would not care about because due to US sanctions they are not really a part of it.

Also, why would they announce it?

Not telling anything lets the Sifus of this world run wild, your own unpaid propaganda arm.

Every time some Israeli or American announces that they are to be bombed, they reinforce their populations impression that they are under siege.

Also, they play a game the Americans invented, they make people seriously wonder whether they are just mad enough to smuggle one or two nukes into a another country and damn the consequences.

That is clever, if you are dealing with a madman you tread carefully.


If you play checkers it does not I suppose.

If you play chess it does.


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