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AIPAC Pushing for War With Iran


The spies/traitors at AIPAC are the main force pushing us towards war with Iran:

Add Wesley Clark to the list of anti-semites LOL!!

If you thought Bush was a sell-out to the Israeli/neocon lobby, you ain't seen nothing yet if Hillary gets elected. That dumb bitch is a total sell-out to Israeli Lobby and AIPAC.


Former USMC veteran and American patriot Scott Ritter commenting on some of the bullshit you hear in our Zionist-controlled media:


I thought this was a great piece written by a Jewish high school senior on her first experience at attending an AIPAC conference. Smart girl.

Wandering Jew - Propaganda for the Insipid
Alice Ollstein
I've been working as teacher's assistant at my temple's religious school for the past four years. I love teaching my second-graders their first Hebrew letters. I love watching my sixth-graders find Israel on a map. But what I love most is the connection my job gives me to Judaism and to Israel, where I hope to travel during college. That is why I jumped at my grandfather's invitation to attend the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington D.C., where I could join more than 1,000 students and 4,000 adults in discussing the future of Israel. I returned from the conference, however, feeling manipulated, disturbed and disgusted with a great deal of what I witnessed there.

The first thing I noticed about the conference, besides the sheer volume of participants, was the carefully manufactured atmosphere of fear and urgency. The cavernous hall that hosted all our meals and plenary sessions was always filled with dramatic classical music, red lighting and gigantic signs reading "Now Is The Time." That, combined with the montages of terrorism footage projected onto six giant screens, whipped the audience into a "Save Israel" fervor that most found inspiring. By the time we finished our meal, the audience seemed eager to agree to anything that would protect Israel -- even war...

Everything was geared toward persuading the audience that another Holocaust is evident... unless we get them first...

I think I was at one of those meetings once -- only it was called Amway.


allah achbar?