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AIDS Questions


Hi. I have had many STDs and am very experienced with venerial diseases.

Ask me any questions about having AIDS.


1-10, how drunk are you right now ?




Haha! not drunk. Lots of painkillers though including medical marijuana.

When you have AIDS, the doctor will give you whatever you want!


was he/she/it/them worth it?






had to check the join date, was surprised


that's where MMF's will get ya


what timeline from infection to conversion sickness?
how long before viral load become symptomatic and medicine is required?
At what point are anti-virals introduced as opposed to managing with healthy lifestyle?

Average life expectancy in years from infection to death (from being HIV+ to developing AIDS, to succumbing to an opportunistic infection or pneumonia etc)?
What frequency and intensity for workouts? How is recovery impacted?

Books could be written about this stuff. Why don't you just write down everything you know and make a sticky or request an injury or disease forum be started (with references, or based on your experience, if you are qualified to make statements).

Additionally, since you are so inclined to assist others with such a sensitive and life altering topic, why don't you spend your time volunteering at the GLBT center or STD clinic in your area.





"The AIDS test is very scary to get. It doesn't matter what you've been doing, waiting for the results is frightening. So I don't get the regular AIDS test anymore, I get the roundabout AIDS test. I call my friend Brian, and I say, 'Hey Brian, do you know anyone who has AIDS? No? Cool, 'cause you know me.'

  • Mitch Hedberg


pool is closed due to aids


Was the first thing I did too.


This is going to sound awful as fuck, but I haven't laughed this hard at a thread in a long ass time.


Lol short thread so far but I laughed my fucking ass off.


How long have you known you're poz, and how old were you when you found out?
How's your viral load, t-cell count, etc ?
Are you suffering any major side effects from the hiv drugs you're taking?
Does your family know your hiv status ?


How does it feel knowing you're going to die a slow torturous painful death?

Also, conservative logic tells me you must be gay, because only gay people get AIDS. This is confirmed by Jesus, he told me yesterday.


The sad thing is: some ppl really think that ;(