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Aid my Sprinting....

I have recently started following the WS4SB program as a start to weight lifting to aid my sprinting. Would it be wise to take protein (eg. maximuscle cyclone) alongside this program if i’m 15 and will the excess protein in my diet put on mass and strength or just mass and the same amount of strength that i would achieve naturally? I was just wondering because sprinters cant put on too much mass without the strength to match it otherwise it’ll slow me down.

I wouldn’t worry about protein or any supplements other than fish oil or possibly creatine for some power endurance benefits. At your age, you’ll probably be in a great position for strength and size increases naturally. Just eat.

As far as WS4SB, I think it would be fine for off-season work, but in my opinion, the volume is fairly high for in-season work. Just focus on full Olympic squats, glute-ham raises, and split squats for a few high quality sets. Also, if you are going to lift on the same day you run, I’d do track work first.

Thankyou and yes i do track work first on my lifting days and usually try to keep it technique based.

are there any dangers to taking creatine at my age?

Protein is a food supplement. If you need to take it to meet your daily protein requirement, then do so. Its not going to make you big and bulky on its own.

[quote]masterhaichanchu wrote:
are there any dangers to taking creatine at my age?[/quote]

You are 15 so I would recommend that you hold off on the creatine for a while (maybe a few years).

There are dangers to taking ANYTHING at ANY age if you don’t know what you are doing and, frankly, I have not read anything in your 40 something posts that would lead me to believe that you have established a strong foundation of knowledge. However, you are asking question so if you remain open to the feedback that others are giving you, you will build this base and quickly move through it.

Taking creatine won’t hurt him. He’s got tons of it in his body right now. If he eats meat he’s getting it anyway. It may not help him a great deal, but it certainly won’t hurt him.

i think ill just stick to the training program without supplements atm and see how my times improve next season, cheers for all the help though.