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Aid, Class/Race and Bush


Europeans are stunned by the myriad pictures like this one. I was beyond shocked when during a live broadcast yesterday a Channel 4 reporter went past a dead man lying on top of a car. New Orleans and American race relations are the number one discussion points at the moment. In response to the half a million food parcels which have been diverted to New Orleans the general consensus here in Britain is that food and man-power are acceptable aid to the US but money isn't.

I'm inclined to agree but the richest, most powerful etc etc nation on earth shouldn't need anything from us if the hype is to be believed. As the mayor of New Orleans said if this had been Orange County or Manhatten we wouldn't be seeing the horrific sights we are. The 'classless society' is having its class issues splashed accross the front pages of every paper in the world. I'm crossing my fingers that Bush will learn from this and stop pissing around with stupid foreign policies and sort his own backyard out, but then he said he wants to head that enquiry into the New Orleans response (or lack of) because he'll be able to learn about disaster management in case of WMD attack. Jesus, in this time of need and potential enlightenment he flogs the same old dead horse.



You are too far away and looking thru a looking glass held backwards.

Blacks saved whites and whites saved blacks. I saw unbelievable acts of selflishness go unreported. Helicopters that should have been saving people were wasted taking pictures like this for a hungry world starving for scandal and hyperbole.

We'll be fine. Don't worry about Europe's offended sensibilites, they don't mean much in NO right now.


Why would Europeans be stunned at a picture like this? What did the pictures look like of the poor souls in France that died of a heat wave in the European country that boasts such generous care for its 'downtrodden'?


The mayor of New Orleans also said the CIA is going to kill him for the comments he made.

The man has cracked under the pressure.

Don't take anything he says seriously.

Regarding race relations, there is a small set of people in this country that try to stir up shit between the races and live like kings with the money they collect.

Of course we have racial issues in this country, but I do not believe they have had any effect on the hurricane effort.

The biggest problem is that many poor people didn't have the transportation to evacuate themselves. Many that did have cars didn't want to abandon their homes and didn't have room in the budget to travel and stay in hotels.

The whole situation is tragic. Do not let the race warriors get in the way of aid. They claim they are trying to help, but their bullshit is hurting. It appears to be convincing you not to give financial aid.

These people need help. The scale of this disaster is huge. Much larger than just the city of New Orleans.