AI Use with Intermitant Orals

Bit of an odd question but wouldn’t mind some dialogue if anyone has the time or interest.

Ive seen a few guys post about using 50mg Dbol as a preworkout (might have been Reed a few months back?)

If you’re using orals this way how does it effect your use of AI? Say you workout Monday-Friday (5x a week)

would you just keep Adex @ .5mg/day as an average? or Aromasin @ 25/mg aday or whatever.

If you took 3 days off from working out would you decrease The AI Dosage? I have never used orals this way- if anyone has please advise.

MY gut says just keep AI regular @ whatever dose but I was curious.

Most people who use orals as preworkouts still also use them on off days, it just affects the timing.

But yes, I would keep the AI dose the same regardless.

Are you referring to oral pulsing?