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AI Use in PCT?


Hey guys,

Just a quick one, can anyone point me in the direction of some good info regarding use of AI's in post cycle. Read a few things on here but not found much about dosing them during PCT anywhere.

I'm running arimidex through my next cycle and was wondering about running it into my PCT at a low dose along with tamoxifen. If anyone would care to give me some advice on this I would be very grateful!

Thanks, WG


Taper off the AI before PCT ends.

ALWAYS taper off AIs


Cheers Bonez, do you not advise using an AI during PCT for estrogen control and T boost? If so why not? I have seen a couple of people on here talk of there use in PCT and was interested in doing so this time round as I dont get on with clomid (vision problems) and wanted an extra bit of help with recovery as well as the tamoxifen....

Thanks for the reply, WG


To taper off I will be using 0.5mg EOD during the cycle should I drop this to 0.25mg in the last couple of weeks? Or how would you best do this?



I said taper off before pct ENDS, not before pct BEGINS.

Id taper it more than that. Spreading the doses out further when you can take a smaller amount per dose.


I had to read that like three times before I caught on lol, sorry I'm slow tonight!

I maybe pushing the boundaries of your patience here BONEZ but could you "spoonfeed" me the way you would run arimidex through the PCT (tapering off) as I have not used it in this way before and have found very little about AI use on the forums for this purpose....

Thanks for you time,



if youre using test e you have about 14 days between the last shot and the first dose of tamoxifen. A week after the last shot begin tapering the AI. Be fully off the AI by the 3rd week of PCT. Thats 4 weeks of tapering it, I believe.

At some point you wont be able to take a smaller dose. Unless you have liquid. So space out the doses to taper lower.


Top man, thanks for your patience...