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AI Timing? AM/PM

Anyone have any opinion on the best time to take adex? Morning? Night? With or without food? Just wondering I’m sure it’s personal preference, just wanted to get some thoughts. Also, my first pin was Yesterday of test e 250mg, I’m planning on running adex at .25mg eod. I figured I should give it a few days before I start to let the test build up a touch before starting my AI so I don’t crash my E2 levels right off the bat? Is this correct?

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Start the AI straight away.

I don’t think there is a benefit to taking adex with or without food, however it can apparently make some users feel drowsy so before bed might be best

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Ok, thank you pex. I’ll try PM after dinner

I read somewhere absorption is not affected by food, so with or without should be fine. I’ve never experienced the drowsiness pex refers to so I take it first thing in the morning so I don’t forget.

It won’t crash your E2 right away, it merely slows the aromatization of new E2, so starting it right away is probably best, as your blood T levels peak 24-48hrs after injection.

Thanks @Juggs I would prefer to take in the am as well if it works for me