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AI-related Question / Oxandrolone vs. Fakes

long-time lurker, first post.

First of all: great forum.
The stickies, especially the SERM and AI Sticky, did clear up some misconceptions I had.

I’m a bit between a rock and a hard place: I’ve got a photo shoot coming up in about 8 weeks and got some Oxandrolone to assist in my prep.

Some stats:

  • been lifting for the better part of a decade
  • 210 lbs @ 5’7
  • in good shape, bf-wise (abs visible, ‘cuts’ in my quads, but I still have a ways to go)
  • first cycle

Here’s how I’d imagine I’d run the Oxa:

  • 30 mg ed (it’s about assistance in a hypocaloric diet, mainly) for 5 weeks
  • milk thistle
  • omegas
  • hypocaloric diet (duh!)
  • Tamoxifen for PCT

Now, my problem:
I’m not sure if the Oxa is legit.
Since I’ve heard stories about how dbols are sometimes sold as Oxas, I’m not keen on getting gyno. Problem is, though: try as I might, I couldn’t get some decent AI like ADex.


  1. are there any pointers - before the potential onset of gyno - early in the cycle where I might tell I’ve popped dbols instead of Oxas?

  2. would something like ATD work as an AI?

  3. would on-cycle ATD compete with Oxa?

  4. would the outdated practice of using Tamoxifen on-cycle be a viable option in this scenario or does Tamoxifen also compete with Oxa?

Again: I’ve read the stickies, but couldn’t answer the aforementioned questions myself.
Appreciate any input you might have.

Anyone? :-/

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Appreciate your input, BBB!

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Not much to say really. Not a great cycle by any means, even for preventing catabolism during a hypocaloric period.
I might be willing to up the dosage if I knew for sure the Oxandrolone was legit.
From what I’ve read about dbol I deem it even pretty scary to run 30 mg ed.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I have no idea what ATD is.
It’s supposed to be an AI:

Of course, had I been able to get Arimidex, I wouldn’t bother with ATD.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
If you take your ‘anavar’ and within hours get watery, smooth and full (hypocaloric nutrition notwithstanding) then it’s not anavar.
Spoken out of hyberbole or can dbol effect those symptoms that fast?

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Thanks, BBB.

Damn, I’m really angry about the var possibly not being legit and maybe being dbol.
Wasn’t easy to get that.
I wish there was some kind of test I could easily have done on it.

Bottom line: I’m not going to risk taking dbol without getting me some arimidex. Should I fail in procuring arimidex, the ‘var’ will have to wait until I get some. Meanwhile, I’m going to prepare for the shoot without assistance.

Ive heard of some var being cut with m1t, too