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AI Question for Test E/Proviron Cycle

i dont really want this to be a “critique my cycle” thread, but i figure its best if i tell u exactly whats goin on so u can answer my question.

Test E 500mg per week 1-10
proviron 50mg per day. week 4-10
nolva 20mg per day week 1-10
usin the test taper

now the question is… with the nolva and the proviron should i have to worry about throwing in an AI(aromasin) durin the cycle? of course i’ll have some on hand just in case

For one I wouldn’t use the nolv during the cycle. Second it depends how you respond to estrogen, myself for example wouldn’t need to run an AI with only 500mg/week of test however another individual may need some low dose adex to cover him during the cycle. Is this your first cycle?

so use the nolva on an as-needed basis instead? im gonna say that im pretty sensitive to estrogen but couldnt tell for sure since this is in fact my first cycle.

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You just don’t know until you walked a mile in the shoes so to speak. 95% of guys out there will not require an AI with a 500mg weekly dose. That does not mean of course that you are in the 5% who would require an AI with 500mg.

Safest bet is to acquire the AI and at the first sign of danger begin using it as directed. There are people out there who feel an AI is a necessary component to an cycle. Many of us including myself however do not share that opinion. We are in as needed club. But even the as needed club recommends having an AI in hand on standby

Maybe mots guys don’t NEED an AI at 500mg a week, but IMO it certainly helps!

Better E control = better libido, better mood - and AI protect your prostate as well. MANY guys on TRT (usually 100mg a week) say that after the initial boost in libido it actually goes down after a while because of elevated estrogen. If AI works for people using 100mg, it’s logical it would for 500mg.

thanks for the replies. i’ll play it safe and run the aromasin. now if anybody wants to be so kind as to tell me a recommended dosage for aromasin. ive seen 12.5 ED, but then ive seen 12.5 EOD. aromasin does have a half life of like 27 hours i think? so every other day would be fine, right?

If you are using 500mg/week test I think that 6.25/day would be fine.