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AI Question First Week Lab Results

Hi everyone, I asked this already on my initial AI thread, but since that thread mostly related to older-- pre TRT data I figured I’d start a new thread. Big thanks to everyone who already gave advice there–this is not discounting that advice I just wanted to think through this a bit…

So, pre TRT my Total T ranged from 490-536 ng/dl , and my free T was 10.34 ng/dl when it was 536ng/dl total, with an E2 ultra sensitive of 14 pg/ml and an SHBG of 38.5 (all other normals "normal and can be found in my other posts).

I got a blood draw the day before my 3rd injection (start of 2nd week) --so only with 1 full week of exogenous T in me. Now, I realize that it takes weeks for hormones to stabilize. My dr really wanted to keep my E in a 20-30 pg/dl range , but I know people on here go much higher happily.
He wanted me to take a 1/8 (.125mg) pill of Adex on injection days (2x a week) for a total of .25mg per week --which as I understand is basically the lowest dose anyone will get put on. I’ve held off on this as people on here advised starting with an E2 of 14 I had no business taking that Adex off the bat.

I have been having hot flashes and other sort of weird symptoms–I understand that these may just be my body adjusting… Here are the results of my recent lab that was pulled on trough day after 2 injections (1 week) of 70mg T cyp and 450 IU hcg .

Test Serum - 958 ng d/l Range 87-814
Free T 2.38 %
Free Test 22.81 ng/dl Range 1.74-15.20
SHGB 33.2 Range 10-57
HCT 45%
Estradiol ultra sensitive 34.7 pg/ml

Now, as someone said on my previous post an E2 of 35 is not really that high and probably doesn’t merit an AI. Here is my concern, if you look at half life’s of Tcyp and calculate the total level in mg of test c that would be around in the body through each injection you will see it takes 3 weeks to reach close to stable levels and 4 weeks to really stabilize with the cypionate ester. If you do the calcuations at a dose of 70mg 2x a week then I should have only had 105-115mg test circulating after 2 of those 70mg shots 7 days after the first shot (70mg from one + 35mg left from initial shot after the 7 day half-life). In 3 weeks I will have a stabilization around 240-250 mg in my body from that point on.

So, my concern is this. 35 E2 is not too high (my dr would say borderline, people here would say just fine), but if I continue at the same ratio once the total exogenous T in my body goes from 105mg to 240 mg in 2 weeks, my E2 will be well over 50 pg/mL won’t it?

So, should I wait and in 4 weeks or so take another test and if my E2 is over 50 then treat with t he 1/8mg adex, or should I take it preemptively soon here to keep E2 in check. I don’t mind being in the 30s, but I know my dr will not allow me to creep into the 40s, 50s and up–and from what I’ve seen they target the 1200-1500 ng/dl total T range in trough testing–so again if at 950 I’m 35 E2 , at 1500 (or possibly much more) I’ll be over 50 won’t I?

Sorry if this is being hard headed, I want to approach t his scientifically, and I am not trying to avoid the AI at all costs–I just dont want to suffer low E2, I obviously want max effects/libido etc. I should note that for 4 days after I started injections my libido was through the roof but now erection is even harder than it was pre TRT 2 weeks ago.

Also testing is free for me via insurance, so I will air on the side of testing more and often versus scarcely.

Thanks for all of your help and thoughtfulness here,

Actually 0.050 is the lowest anastrozole dosage through Hallandale Pharmacy. Trying to figure things out on a feeling is not so easy because a lot of the symptoms of high and low estrogen feel virtually the same, sort of the opposite of each other.

This is why we have labs, it leaves the guesswork out of it.

I totally agree–that’s why I’m getting regular lab work and I haven’t done “anything” yet :slight_smile: . Interesting about the lower available dose though I spose I could just split a capsule of .125 pretty easily.

I’m more just predicting if my E2 has gone from 14 to 35 in a week on TRT, it will keep going higher as the ester accumulates, it basically has to right? And going into the 40s and certainly once over 50 would be too high right?

So I’m thinking I will wait until the end of week 4 and get labs done again to check E2. What’s the sort of cutoff number to start the low dose AI? I’ve seen some say 20-30 pg/ml is optimal, but many do well in 30s and 40s, but still see a lot that says you don’t want to go over 50 pg/ml is that true?