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AI Question - 1g Test, 500mg Tren/Mast Cycle

This will be my fifth cycle. I am planning ahead for the upcoming southern hemisphere winter as I have found cold weather better for Tren…

Basic states, 6’2", 240, body fat could be lower but probably 12-15% so no worries.

I have enough pharmaceutical test to run 1g of Test E a week along with 500mg a week each of homebrew Tren E and Mast E. I figure they are both a little low dosed. I have run Tren before and seem to only get sweats and diminished cardio but no other noticeable sides. Aggression is about the same as normal, maybe have to watch mouthing off a bit.

My question is about ancillaries, namely AIs. I have generally used Adex before and the last time I used Tren I tried Prami for a few weeks of it but seemed better without it. Some seem to like Nolva or Aromasin better, any thoughts or just stick to what has worked in the past. I can have letro on hand if need be as a back up. Asking now to have everything sourced in plenty of time, rather than wait for the irregularities of shipping at the last minute.

I have heard mixed thoughts about running higher doses of AI when running higher doses, but others seem to say there is no real benefit from higher dosing AI.

PCT is not relevant as I am on TRT normally. I guess the one benefit in being a bit older, no worries for additional dependents.