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AI Problems?


Has anyone else had problems with orders from A Group of Guys?


i have never used them do primarily to some of their associations, always had best luck with c1




c1 has been lacking in quality on my last two orders so I've switched to the element/mystical beast and have been satisfied thus far.


x2 on C1 being turd.


That sucks!


Interesting. Too bad RJ doesn't post here anymore.


Lately I have been using the high nutrition lion people. Their service is good and their products are competitive with everyone else. And, they are way cheaper than they guys that don't study agriculture.

Yeah if RJ posted here, he would know somebody screwed up a really good thing for him by trying to save money and changing formulas that worked. (or used to) It's a shame, personally he's a decent guy.


Placed an order 3 weeks ago, was told it would be delayed for a couple of days, haven't heard anything since. Pretty much par for the course IMO with the guys, terrible customer service.

C1 was good while it lasted, but their stuff is pretty much junk as of late.


Are their chems proper solutions in an alcohol base, or sugar water suspensions like C1's junk?


Is anyone else finding the Adex from C1 to be underdosed?



there are few threads about it.


I have actually been ordering from overseas pharmacies for a while now and just not bothering with research companies...

Are the guys losing quality as well ?? As the OP questioned initially ??

I have still been referring people to them if they come asking.

The guys have been reliable for the most part for quite a while. I haven't heard too many rumors of them losing quality.

Can anyone who has ordered recently confirm or deny this ?


Pretty much every research chem company I have ever used has eventually let me down. This includes the guys. It included C1 when they were lauded around here like the second coming of Research Christ. The stories I have heard from many, many others, in many posts and threads such as this one, both public and private, have not alleviated my suspicions as to a common lack of integrity in this particular field of business.

I have just stopped purchasing from research chem places altogether, and make everything myself, now. I know I can trust me, at least. I don't know if it is the niche they reside in and the need they fill that opens the company to greed and manipulation, or the scarcity of materials that leads to a lot unkeepable promises which, if openly broken, would lead to a complete and immediate loss of business, or some other variable I am not yet aware of, but it seems that ALL of these companies eventually start fucking over their customers, given a long enough timeline.


So Cortes, if one was interested in that route, where might a good place/site be for one to start doing their homework on the subject? Trying to tread lightly, but sincerely don't know where to start. If i'm crossing the line, disregard, and I won't make the mistake again.

Also, have used what the guys use. And tried the 0ther. The latter being crap. Is what it is.


yeah i should do this, the only thing is (as you know) you buy a few grams of anastrozole and you have enough solution for a damn army, but at least you know what you have i guess. Its weird for me i have never had an issue with c1...i tend to over-respond to arimidex, just .125 mg eod and i am good. i drive my libido to zero with just .25 ed of c1 arimidex...kept titrating down until i ended up finding a sweet spot at .125 eod. Strange i guess.


I have found that the guys product was ether completely bunk or way under dosed. I did think ahead and order from C1 as well just in case (not something I was willing to take a chance on) and found that that product was good. Not sure if the dosing was correct but I found an amount that worked for me and roll with that to this day. I just ordered a second bottle from c1 but it looks like it has some particles floating around in it, I read someone else had the same experience?? Not sure if I will use it or not??


I over respond as well. I use about 2 drops a day of C1 stuff when I'm on 500mg T and an extra drop if I add some dbol. But the quality of their product (crystalization and such) has still gone downhill recently.


I've been thinking about this for a little while now but couldn't really find much info on it. If someone over responds to anastrozole is it also the case that the same person will over respond to letrozole? I don't know enough about the way these drugs work to know if it is the drug itself or the processes that go into inhibting aromatase activity. Anyone have any ideas?

Obviously I could get some pharm grade arimidex and femara and test it out on myself but that requires more time and effort than just making this post :wink:


I thought C1 was run by a vet on this board. Why haven't these issues been raised to him?


Someone i know told me they were and he couldn't help for whatever reason.

Plus most people wouldn't mention the place in bad light for fear of 'the wrath'.. but seeing as 1) i don't keep my mouth shut if i think something needs to be said, and 2) i seemed to get 'the wrath' regardless - i just started saying it like it was.

Then piped up with complaints.

They had this board and lost it - that is no-ones fault but that of quality control and possibly the increase in research chem sites over the years. It is nothing to do with that person of course, and my experience with the company was managed with excellent customer service, just poor quality goods.