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AI or Nolva for Gyno

Just wondering what you guys normally do when you have a flare up? I have pubertal gyno, but every now and then I get a flare up where the lump gets much larger, and there is some irritation and tenderness.

I’m only on 100mg of Test E per week, but I guess I am extremely E2 sensitive. I’m not on an AI at the moment.

What would you do in my situation? AI or nolva? I’m going to be starting a blast next week of 400mg EQ for 15 weeks on top of the 100mg of Test. Just wondering since I am pretty E2 sensitive if maybe I should get an AI. If so, Aromasin or Adex?

get and AI definitely. Doesn’t matter which, except stay away from letro

That sounds like a really shitty blast… but I guess that’s not what you’re here for.

Yes, use an AI. I think adex is the way to go, but aromasin is fine too.

I keep nolva on hand, and I’ve used it in conjunction with adex for short periods of time when I noticed some gyno. I dosed it @20mg/day until symptoms subsided (around a week). Once the symptoms were gone, I dropped the nolva and upped the adex dose from .25mg to .5 mg, EOD. This solved my problem. .25mgEOD for the adex should be sufficient for you though. I was running 750mg test/week.

Thanks guys. I’ve decided to go with aromasin. Due to its half-life, does it have to be dosed ED or can I do EOD? I was thinking of 12.5mg EOD.

Also getting some nolva to run for the gyno.

well, the blast is likely to aggravate your existing gyno. you might wanna hold off until you address this more aggressively…

gyno should be managed with a SERM (i prefer Raloxifene on cycle) and an AI (Aromasin is nice, as it does not cause an estrogen rebound when you come off).

here’s a thread that covers some of this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/thoughts_on_estrogen_and_gyno_management

Aromasin is best dosed ED or even 2x per day and best taken with fats to aid in absorption. my preferred AI due to the fact it actually lowers aromatase enzyme instead of interfering with them.

Thanks guys!

Actually I had already pulled the trigger on the blast, and the funny thing is, the flare-up is going down without taking anything! I’m still going to take the aromasin anyways for estro protection (12.5mg/ED) since I feel some symptoms: minor anxiety (all day long), delayed ejaculation, not getting fully hard during sex, having the sweats, etc.

I will keep the nolva on hand in case anything flares up.

Why take an ai when it can completely f up your e and make you feel like shit. Won’t a serm like nolva on cycle take care of most estrogen symptoms

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