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AI on Sus and Eq Cycle?

Hello folks ! I am new here so sorry for any mistake in advance, i have started my first cycle :
Sustanon 250 mg : once a week (week 1-2)
Eq 250 mg : once a week (week 1-2)
Sustanon 250 mg : twice a week (week 3-12)
Eq 250 mg : twice a week (week 3-12)

I have arimidex 1 mg in hand, when and how much should i use currently i am at mid of 3rd week.

Depends. For some guys .25-.5mg/w is more than enough. But EQ is tricky. I’ve seen many, many guys (with blood work as evidence) who have shown EQ acts as an AI. On paper it should aromatise, but in practice there seems to be a theory forming that a metabolite of EQ exists that acts to inhibit aromatization. Guys running trt doses of test and 800-1,000mg of EQ and no AI end up with single-digit e2 within four weeks of their cycle. I’d say keep your eye out for e2 symptoms, get blood work by week six, and dose as needed based on said symptoms.

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I would use nolvadex, on a cycle like that, instead of an AI. You will probably find it better for aromatization issues than an AI and less harsh on your body. 10-20mg/day keeps the gyno away.

Won’t it affect the gains ?
almost every guide mentions to use nolva in PCT

Some people say it does in theory affect gains. In practice I haven’t seen it.
Nolvadex from my own experience and many others find it better to stop gyno, bloating, without the harshness that you can get with an AI, and having it totally crash your e2.

Nolva was used for this purpose by pro bodybuilders before AI’s came on the market.

If you try nolva for a couple of weeks and you find it isn’t doing the job then go to an AI.

I find it very hard to get the right dose with an AI, for me its either itchy nipples or a massive crash in e2. I just don’t have any issues with nolvadex.

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Bro science. And not the good kind

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Agree Sir, it is … Problem is the only source of knowledge in India regarding bodybuilding is internet only :disappointed_relieved:. Please guide sir :pray:

Heres may take. Bro science " you never need an AI on cycle… Taking an AI stops gainzzzzz" just like most bro science there is some truth to it.

The first part you never need an AI. Thats part truth. I dont think people need an AI on cycle nearly as much as they think they do. Problem is these first cycle plans all over the internet have an AI built in which leads the reader to assume its neccessary. I think you should have one on hand and take only if necessary. Im running 750mg test /week and i took an AI for a few weeks mid cycle then stopped. Id take it when i started feeling emotional but then realized that id rather feel a bit emotional then how i feel when i take added drugs.

The last part “it stops gainzzz” this is just pure bullshit. I forget how the bros explain this but its dumb. Ya maybe if you tank your estrogen it will hinder gains but thats it.

I have a love hate relationship with bro science. Bottom line is most of the time there is truth to it even if it sounds stupid. You just need to be able to filter out what that is. Try to listen to smart bros, bros with results to back up their bro science claims.

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Thank you so much brother !

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Here’s the lowdown on AI: take it if you need it. It’s that simple. I need an AI on my trt program. That’s just how my body is. Most guys taking my dose do not need any AI. If I wrote the rules for AI usage based only on what my body needed we’d have a lot of guys who would be suffering from low e2 because of it. So you use your own body as a guide. Period.


Yesterday i was feeling itchy chest and some other symps so i took .5 mg now its fine

Sorry bud AI takes a while to build up in your system before you feel any change if you have symptoms(at least a week from my experience).