AI on Relatively Low Dose 12-Week Cycle?

I know this is my first post on this board, and I’m well aware that I’m opening myself up to being flamed. But I want to ask something anyway.

Is anyone on a relatively low dose 12 wk cycle; 500mg Test/100 Deca for example; actually running Arimidex or other AI everyday or EOD prophylactically, or are most of you waiting to get “itchy nips” or some other perceived onset of side effects before you begin ancillary treatment?

That’s not what I would call a low dose, more like a standard dose, ie 500mg/w Test E. People seems to have different feelings around the need for AI but those are based on plenty of experience with their own bodies. If you read through FuriousGeorge’s Newbie Cycle sticky at the top, he goes into some detail on a good starting point around what you are asking. There you go, no flame, just a point in the right direction.

Thanks, I appreciate the help. I actually did read all of the stickies, particularly the AI/SERMS one. I’m fairly well read when it comes to steroids. I’ve read a significant number of posts, articles, and stickies on Meso and Outlaw Muscle. But this will be my first cycle. So I get the theory, and understand that everyone’s different. But I’m inexperienced. So I was hoping for some anecdotal feedback from experienced users.

I’m tempted to hold off on the Adex to see if I experience any itchiness in my nipple area (sounds hilarious) to sort of, determine my individual tolerance, if that makes sense. But, I did get lumps under my nipples a few times during adolescence, so… I’m a bit nervous. So there’s also the less daring, better safe than sorry part of my brain telling me to take .5 Ed and get some Letrozole onhand for backup. Just hoping someone can lean me in the right direction. That’s what we’re here for, right?

You hit the nail on the head; everyone is different and they only way to know your own toleration point is to run without until you get problems. Then you’ll know. Some people dont wanna know and just “blindly” use the adex and we cannot really fault them there. You just wont know till you try. Some guys will get gyno with 400mg of test a week others can run 2g a week and not get it

Everyone will get more E2. We know a lot from TRT guys, it does not take much E2 to mess up their lives on the typical dose of 100mg/week. Most need 1mg adex per week to feel right. We have the context of long term use, long term for E2 problems to develop and lots of lab work to know what is going on and what levels of E2 and adex doses are associated with a greater sense of well being, energy and libido.

Guys on 100mg/wk with elevated E2 [upper 30’s] who has TT near 1000 can feel like crap. Lower his E2 to near E2=22pg/ml and they feel reborn.

I strongly disagree with the concept of just waiting to see if something like gyno happens. We find that one needs 1mg anastrozole per week per 100mg T ester. Note that some are over-responders who need to take 1/4th the expected dose.

Saps & KS I greatly appreciate both of your points of view and insights. I plan to use Sus 250/Deca 50 E3D for 10 wks. I did my first injections this morning. I decided to use .25 adex EOD for the first 2 wks, then I’ll either drop to .125 EOD or maybe just the .25 E3D with my injections, see how that works for a week or so and reassess. Thoughts?

There’s no real down side to using a mild-moderate dose of AI. AI’s don’t prevent gains. Its true if you use too much for your body it can start showing negative sides. Here again the only way to know what is too much AI is to try and see