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AI on 2nd Test E Cycle

38 yrs old. I’m going to start my 2nd test e cycle after being off it for almost a year. First time I ran it I did 500 mg a week but had sides (mood swings, irritable, low sex drive, hair loss)I think I was converting excess test to estrogen and DHT (I did not develop any gyno symptoms and did NOT have an AI on hand during my first cycle either) so I cut back to 350-400 mg a week and the sides went away. I ran the cycle for 15 weeks and did a PCT.

I got amazing results and still look great and have kept much of my gains. I am unfamiliar with using an AI and was curious what you guys think I should do as far as how much to take this upcoming cycle given all the info, sides, etc, I provided from my first cycle. I have 100 tablets of Armidex (1mg) at my disposal. Half a tab to start? How often? Everyday or just days I pin? Can I adjust my dosage based on sides I experience/don’t experience? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

I would not start out with using it. It will lower natural GH and igf-1, so that is a negative for gains. Another reason is that you may be unsure of the quality of the testosterone.

If you need it I would start at .25 mg 2x a week and go from there. On trt I got borderline low E2 from .125 mg 2x a week. It is powerful.

A good amount of testosterone cycle issues are from crashed e2 from ai use.


This last comment was not at all helpful. Thank you though for your input

The one in this thread or the other?

This thread. Useless info. I appreciate you trying though

You are just silly. I told you dosing, and why not to start right away with AI. You have never used an AI, I have. You will likely get the same advice as I gave you if you get any responses (don’t start out with AI, and if you need it start low).

If you want to start taking .5 mg of adex ED or EOD I encourage you to start a log. It will be quite funny.

I don’t understand people who ask for advice and think that anything they don’t agree with is wrong. What is the point if you are only going to listen to what you already agree with?

Right! I’m now “silly” because I don’t value your opinion, smh. I forgot your a doctor and a testosterone expert! I was hoping to get a response from a particular individual. Now please go away. Thank you

What the hell were you looking to receive as far as feedback? @mnben87 is pretty spot on with his advice. He even gave you dosing recommendations. I agree 100%.

So you think you’re seeking a doctor’s advice by posting on a forum? Get real.

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If you want a response from only a particular individual why don’t you tag them? This is an open forum after all

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I didn’t know you could do that. Thank you Swoops! I appreciate it

Actually, that is not why you are silly. The reason you are silly is that you ignore or disagree with facts backed by evidence. Maybe silly is the wrong word. Stupid might fit better.

I will not respond to you any longer.