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AI Necessary or No?

I understand what an AI does and the benefits but why do so many people choose not to take one?

An AI prevents the conversion to estrogen while a SERM blocks the estrogen receptor (correct me if I’m wrong). So these guys that are on test without an AI just have a bunch of built up estrogen that doesn’t affect them? What happens to it?

Also I hear guys say that they just a low dose of a SERM while on cycle but won’t they still have the same problem with all of the estrogen built up?

Some people are more tolerant to E than others, but I would always recommend an AI on cycle.

It quite often happens that someone feels fine on cycle with no AI, then when they come off their E is elevated and they don’t have the high T they did on cycle, so their boner takes a vacation.

There’s just no reason not to use an AI, even at a low dose. It’s much easier just to keep E in check on cycle, then to try and correct high E problems once you’re off.

Yogi you da bes

But what about guys that prefer taking say nolva at a low dose throughout the cycle

Like yogi said E effects people differently and also conversion is different in people as well, but there are other side effects of high E2 that are far worse than gyno that you cannot see or feel.

It’s always good to keep estrogen in range, get bloodwork to find out. Get it before to see where your e2 sits at naturally than during cycle and adjust your dose accordingly, then of course getting bloodwork after cycle is good as well.

You want to use the least amount you can, In this case less is better. Low E2 can have the same sides as high E2, so some people may think they have high e2 so they increase there AI or SERM which then leads them to believe there stuff is fake not knowing they actually need to back the dose off, that’s why blood work is important. It’s good to know how much you need for a given amount of gear.

A SERM can be used on cycle, you will have an elevated amount of estrogen but it will prevent the e2 from binding with the receptors, best to taper off slowly to prevent rebound

Personally have not used a AI or SARMs in over a year. My estro is high normal but nothing crazy and have absolutely zero sides from it and that’s running Test at a gram for almost a year straight now and even a 6 week sprint at 2000mgs. I think every single person who is going to run should have all of this stuff on hand at the beginning of every cycle. But, unless you get sides or blood work dictates then it should not be used.