AI help during cycle with Arimidex dose

Ok, ok so I know everyone asks the popular question of what should my dose of AI be and everyone has a different answer and I think this is cycle dependent maybe? Or dependent on your body and how it responds to anabolic steroids?

How do you know how much to take precisely (arimidex in this case)? Do you start with 0.25 EOD, 0.5 EOD, 1MG EOD? and then go get labs to see where your estrogen is at to tweak your dose? And if so, my question is what is the safest level to start at? And is it cycle dependent? Sorry, I know I probably .repeated myself a couple times.

I’m planning on running 12 week cycle of Test E @500mg/wk and Masteron @400mg/wk with clean 40/60 mg/day week 1 to 8 (cycling obviously two weeks on and two weeks off) and anavar between 50-75mg/day from week 4 to 12. I have had some estrogen issues in the past including acne on my back and chest although I think that one is pretty standard for everyone, loss of libido and gyno which I had surgery for ALTHOUGH now I’m thinking I had pre existing gyno and this shit kind of just irritated it because I used to be fat and I had noticed my gyno while I was shredded but during my second cycle. And thinking about it too, the loss of libido was probably from a lack of estrogen meaning too much AI? I have take 1mg of adex EOD and also 0.5 EOD I just don’t know how to tweak it.

Anyways, I could use some advice

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