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Ai & HCG Bloating



Hi guys,

Last year I tired to start my first cycle, however I was unsuccessful. I took my first injection of Test e @ 250mg/ week and 250 iu HCG. I was trying to build up to 500 mg/week of Test e by the end of week 6. Straight after my first injection of 250ui of Hcg, I experienced severe bloating around the injection site (abdomen). I did take 25 mg of aromasin of the morning of the injections. I want to attempt my first cycle again, however I do not want to experience the bloating from the HCG. Should I switch from aromasin to adex ? Or both at the same time ? I know this may seem excessive, however I know for a fact I am estrogen sensitive. I want clean lean gains. Your input is very much appreciated. This is a quick summary of what I plan to run:

Weeks 1-4 : Test e 250mg/ week
weeks 5-12: Test e 500 mg/week
Weeks 1-16: Aromasin ED 25 mg (12.5 mg/ morning and 12.5 mg/ afternoon) after food
Weeks 1-14: 2 x HCG 250 iu / week
weeks 15-16: 25 mg Aromasin and 40 mg Nolva
weeks 17 and 18 : 20 mg Nolva and 25 mg aromasin


I have this exact same issue. I literally can go from perfect to moon face in 12 hours after injecting HCG. I just started TRT so I’m not all that experienced with side effects but I know that HCG is the cause of my bloating. I can go off it for several days and moon face disappears. Problem is then my balls start to ache and I still want a family (44yrs old). I don’t think it matters what AI you use - IME aromasin has far fewer side effects.


Are you using a pharma AI? At those dose, especially with aromasin, youre going to crash your estro. The only time I needed 25mgs of aromasin/day was when I was at 2 grams of test a week.

Also no point in starting your first four weeks of cycle off with just 250mgs of test. The ester takes time to build up in your body and you wont truly be on 500mgs of test until the 4th week, so youre basically wasting half the cycle with levels just slightly higher than the normal range. If anything, I’d say “frontload” your first 2 weeks with a gram of test to optimize test levels quicker, or just run an 8 week cycle of test P.

As for the bloating/HCG, how sure are you that its the HCG? If you didn’t do bloodwork mid cycle then you really have no idea what your estro/test levels were.

I do know 500iu/week of HCG is way WAY too much. Spit that dose in half.